Guest Article: How Chris lost more than 40 pounds and fixed his blood pressure

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Or how about this one?  

“Lose 25 lbs in just 6 weeks!!!  Free! With no commitment required!”  

Who comes up with this bullshit? …wait…  San Jose Barbell did that last one… and it wasn’t bullshit.

My wife had been going to San Jose Barbell for a few months before I joined, and I had an idea of what they did there, but I was not ready to commit to getting healthy.  I started to follow the main SJBB Facebook feed, so I would start to see the occasional story pop up from time to time. Toward the end of April is when I saw the 6 week weight loss challenge advertisement.  I didn’t think much about it when I first saw it, but my wife gave me the right verbal nudge in “what do I have to lose by trying it? It’s free.”

I was at my heaviest weight.  I am 5’11” tall and I was just over 290 lbs. I had high blood pressure, elevated liver enzymes, and an ultrasound showing a fatty liver.  I had been eating and drinking too much for way too long. My doctors said it wasn’t so dire that I needed to change within a short period of time (days or weeks), but generally sooner (months) would be better.  

I needed to do something different.  

I took the challenge and made a point to follow everything exactly to the plan and I dropped exactly 25 lbs in 6 weeks.  All of my numbers (BP, liver enzymes, iron, and vitamin D) are back in the normal ranges along with a healthy liver scan, and my doctors are happy with my progress.  I’m happy too, but not done yet.

I spent the next 6 weeks dropping another 15lbs bringing the total up to 40 lbs lost.  In the 3 months after, I haven’t had the same success (down 3 more then up 7), and I’m now beginning to better understand why.  I began to allow myself to over consume again with various stresses in my life. Travel for work, sick children, sick wife, injured wife, sick pet, tight shoulder, nicked up knee, nicked up ankle, etc.  No one is immune to life throwing us unexpected curveballs.

I have stayed active with San Jose Barbell during this time, and I am glad I have.  I did not lose any of my progress, but I had only delayed my goals. During these last few months, I continued to use the support call to keep health and fitness an important part of my thoughts even though I was not at my best.  I wasn’t listening to my body and I was lifting too heavy, and I was feeding it more than my calorie targets because I wasn’t feeling satisfied. The coaches were telling me that I was lifting too heavy, but it didn’t feel like I was.  Over eating felt better than getting to my goals because I was getting sore and hungry if I didn’t.

I needed to listen sooner.  I had lost my equanimity. This is the most important thing this gym preaches.

Equanimity – mental or emotional stability or composure, especially under tension or strain; calmness; equilibrium.  –

To achieve equilibrium in health and fitness, you need to eat the right amount of food and give your body the correct amount of activity.  When the balance is off, you get injured or your body wants to compensate by either craving more food, causing aches and pains, or both. Either way, it sucks away your motivation to keep going, and it becomes easy to go off track.

It’s time to get back to the simple solution.  Eat what my plan says more strictly and lift lighter, so I can lift more often and stay on track without pain (muscles or stomach).  My goal is simple, but how to get there can seem complex. San Jose Barbell has taken the complexity out for all of its members. I’m still counting where I’ve come as a huge win, and I’m grateful to this gym for showing me the way to my healthiest self.  My job is to follow the plan and get the gains.

Exuberance and experience in equanimity breeds excellence.

The Rock's "Go Ahead, Eat the Donuts" Health Blueprint

Can anyone honestly say they don't like donuts?

If they can, that person is no friend of mine.

Kidding. But's donuts, come on now!

We won't get into the Dunkin' Donuts vs. Stan's vs. Blue Line vs. Krispy Kreme (krispy kreme all the way) debate. At least not today.

Instead, I bring you a gift. It's wrapped in brown paper and tied with a red string. Like in the old Christmas movies.

I present you the "Go Ahead, Eat the Donuts" Health Blueprint straight from the Rock's desk.

I've been in on the secret for over 5 years now. I FINALLY have permission to release it to the public.

Everyone has seen The Rock eating mounds of pancakes, giant bowls of cereal, and entire pizzas. And of course...boxes of donuts. 

How can you eat all and NOT get fat?

I'll tell you this. Since I adopted the blueprint, I've gotten more ripped than I deserve to be. I also never stress about food (I used to think eating carbs would make me fat). 

Wanna know the best part? No guilt when I eat donuts - or anything for that matter. I usually have 2 Krispy Kreme Donuts (one maple, one chocolate) a couple times a week. And yes...there was the 6 month stretch where I got down to 5% bodyfat and I ate 2 donuts 3-4x per week.

I don't ever deprive myself.

If I want a goddamn donut, I'll have one.

So what's the secret?


1. Eat the right amount of calories. Your calories can come from any food (like donuts).

2. Get strong (and no, strength doesn't equal bulky)

That's it. 

That's why The Rock can eat whatever the hell he wants. That's why I can enjoy my donuts in peace without putting on an ounce of fat. It's not because I'm special. It's because I'm strong. And I don't overeat.

2 donuts for me please :) 

Getting strong is the tricky part. If someone doesn't coach you the correct form and technique, you'll hurt yourself.

Or the lifts won't feel good. 

And then you stop lifting. And you can't get strong if you're not lifting weights (or some resistance type exercise). 

Do yourself a favor and find a good coach. No strong person I know "does it on his own". In fact, they only become that strong because someone coached them.

Here's the simplest thing to start building strength:

15 minutes

1-5 pushups

10-20 air squats

5 seconds of full body tension (squeeze and flex everything like a character from Dragon Ball Z)

rest and repeat

Over time, you'll be able to get more total squats and pushups and I promise you you'll get gorilla strong. Gorillas can eat hella donuts.

Why Signing Up For My 6 Week Program Won't Do You Any Good

Sometimes we entertain crazy thoughts.

That we can get something for nothing.

"I'll do this program for the next 6 weeks and get shredded. THEN...I won't ever have to do anything again and I can resume my old habits. I'll still have the same results! Yes! I figured it out!"

(we do this with all areas of life...I'll be a millionaire and not have to do any work to get there)

Ok, maybe you don't consciously think that. But that's the thought process when people start a program or diet.

Short term.

Somewhere in our minds, we have the misguided hope that we can stop doing the things that got us to our goal. And the results will stick.

Yet even deeper down than know this belief is false.

The fact of the matter is that you're body will always adapt to what you make it do.

Stop working out for 5 years. You'll look like you haven't worked out in 5 years.

String together 52 weeks of 2-4 workouts per'll look like you've been working out forever. (which by the way is less than 2% of the entire year - think about that)

It goes both ways. You can't stop doing the work. If you want the results, keep doing the things that cause the results.

Want excess bodyfat, health problems, and a weak noodle body? Then keep doing the things that cause those results.

And believe it or not...I used to think the same thing.

"Why can't I keep the results once I get them? Why do I get weaker when I stop lifting? WHY!!"

That's human nature always trying to take the easy way out.

Which is why joining my 6 week program or my Physical Culture Club won't do anything for you unless you commit. Not to me or the program, but to the new way of life. A life that prioritizes exercise and vegetables over beer and football (or whatever you spend your time on).

Believe me...we get some ridiculous results (31 pounds average weight loss in 6 weeks anyone?).

But the purpose is to change your identity and priorities.

Fuck the game. Fuck Netflix.

How about you focus on yourself. You deserve your own attention. Way more than the Philadelphia Eagles or whoever else is in the Superbowl.

Yeah I said it. I'm on your side, not some group of guys who don't give a fuck about you or your health.

The One Deadlift Checklist To Rule Them All (shots fired)

The average medical student receives 23.9 hours of nutrition instruction.

Having "PhD" in your name doesn't make you an expert at health. More often than not, it means you expertly address symptoms. And that doesn't mean the problems go away...but you can hide from them for a while.

If you are doing a particular job, you should strive to be really good at it. Really good.

The sad fact is that there are a lot of bad doctors. I don't want to pick on doctors but I see a lot of shitty advice.

Simple ankle sprain?

Clients (online and offline) tell me their doctors them to "rest" and take "pain killers".

(as one of my favorite clients Jen R observed...they don't kill the pain, they BLOCK the pain meaning the problem is still there...)

Hurt your pinky?

Please take this 800 mg ibuprofen and don't do any physical activity for 6 months.

As smart as doctors are - it takes a lot to become one - they fundamentally misunderstand the body and health. The body doesn't heal without movement. It doesn't become resilient and repair itself without STRENGTH.

"Health can never be divorced from strength."

Weak people can NEVER be healthy.

Most doctors:

  • not in shape
  • no assuring record of curing back pain (I've helped 100s of people end their back pain)
  • want to get you the fuck out of their office ASAP

When was the last time that the doctor actually FIXED any of your problems?

Anyways, all this to say that you MUST get strong. And if there was ONE tool that you need in your toolbelt, it should be the deadlift.


Here's my checklist of how to make your deadlift extremely safe and strong:

  • Standing, contract every muscle in your body for 5 seconds
  • Shake off the tension
  • Step to the bar
  • Put your shoulder blades into your back pockets
  • Make your arms as long as possible
  • Push hips back, reach for the bar
  • Fill your belly with as much air (push your stomach out)
  • Hold your breath
  • Stand up with the bar

Lots of awesome stuff happening here. The why's will have to wait for another day. In the meantime...go get your life lift on (the original name of the deadlift).

I recognize the importance of doctors. Thank god for them. And if I don't know something, I defer to them. For example...bacterial infections, chemotherapy, know, things like that.

I know there are good doctors. I'm always looking for them so I can refer out to competent professionals.

Cutting Off Buttwipes Doesn't Equal Fat Loss

Some buttwipe cut me off in traffic yesterday.

I'm a pretty chill guy so I didn't try to "teach him a lesson."

Other people's stupidity doesn't rile me up. It's why Equanimity is one of the 3 E's of the Hippopotamus Republic.

(btw, equanimity - mental calmness, composure, and evenness of temper, especially in a difficult situations)

Anyways, I watched the buttwipe cut off a Mazda MPV (an old school van lol) a few cars in front of me. Mr. Mazda wasn't havin' it though.

He must have skipped the chapter on equanimity. He sped up and cut off the Mr. Buttwipe.

I lost sight of them as they travelled down the street.

About 5 minutes later, I pulled up to a red light and BOTH of them were there. Mr. Buttwipe and Mr. Mazda, yelling and screaming at each other.

My point? Nobody "won". They both ended up in the same place.

(not to mention they could have killed themselves)

That's why you question other people and their actions. Don't blindly follow advice. Don't base your observations on their words. I would never take any kind of advice from either of those guys.

Rather, think about the results of their actions.

98 out of 100 people will NEVER have the health or body they want.

68% of America is overweight or obese (a much higher percent is unhappy with how they look, how they feel, and the state of their health).

So why let idiots like Mr. Mazda give you advice or influence your health decisions?

Instead, look for people who have the results you want. Then see what similarities there are among them.

For strength, health, and fat loss?


1. JERF (just eat real food)

2. Get as strong as humanly possible

3. Be around others who know how to do this

4. Be patient and stay consistent

Examples of stupid shit:

  • put sticks of butter in your coffee

  • drink apple cider vinegar for fat loss

  • do 32 hours of cardio a day

  • light weights and high reps for "toning"

  • not lifting weights because it makes you bulky

I could go on...

Best Strength and Fat Loss Articles of the Week

Best articles of this week! 

Let's plop into a comfy chair, grab an amazing smelling cup of coffee, and make some gains!

The Best Articles and Videos This Week

1. The Perfect Human Exercise by Pat Flynn

There is a reason why we include so many crawls in our programs...

2. 6 Workout Mantras That Mostly Suck by Christian Thibaudeau

Self-explanatory. But this one will save you YEARS of wasted time and effort.

Really dive into these two articles. Crawls are SOOOO important. And that 2nd article really will point you in the right direction to start making big time changes in your health and physique. 

A Burger From McDonald's isn't healthy

Yeah, I said it. Eating a goddamn hamburger is not going to kill you. Nor will it turn into fat as soon as you eat it.

Now if you ate 10 hamburgers a day for a few months...that's another story. But that's unreasonable. And YOU are not unreasonable.

In the same manner, you wouldn't eat 10 pounds of chicken breast in a day either, right? Exactly.

Speaking of chicken breast, it's a great food that can help you get jacked (aka extremely strong, healthy, and lean). Grilled to perfection, versatile, and the weapon of choice for losing weight. It’s brought majestic gainz and legendary aesthetics to millions.

One is not more or less “healthy”.

Here are the facts: the typical hamburger packs a major calorie punch. For example, let’s take the OG Mcdonald’s hamburger.

In a itty bitty package, there's 250 calories and let’s be honest…you can’t just eat one. You'll usually have 2 or 3. That’s 500 to 750 calories. 

And that’s just a snack! You're not gonna fast for the rest of the day are you?

Now if we look at the chicken breast….ONE POUND of chicken contains ONLY 500 calories. And for most people, it’ll give you the majority of your protein for the day.

I don’t recommend eating an entire pound of chicken unless you’re a savage. Split it up into 3 meals of 5ish ounces. That’s about palm-sized.

And since that’s barely 500 calories, you have plenty calories left over for fun stuff. Like a hamburger ;)

Now for those who say chicken breast doesn’t taste good…you need to level up your cooking skills.

Tools you’ll need:

  • - a chef’s knife
  • - garlic salt
  • - pepper
  • - oregano
  • - iron skillet

Now we’re cookin.

Remember, there is no such thing as a good or bad food.

But it’s a good idea to eat “healthy” real foods for the majority of your calories. Real foods tend to have low calorie counts, fill you up, and have vitamins and minerals.

Don't let the fear mongers scare you. It's just a goddamn hamburger, not the devil.

Physical Culture Club (the coolest program at San Jose Barbell)

Strength Stealing Monsters of Mordor

First of all...let's end the confusion about Dementors and Ringwraiths.

Tons of people get them mixed up.

  • Dementors are from Harry Potter.
  • Ringwraiths (aka Nazgul) are from Lord of the Rings.
  • Dementors give the kiss of death.
  • Ringwraiths give the Black Breath.
  • Dementors drain happiness when near.
  • Ringwraiths spread fear.
  • Both make screeching noises, wear black robes, and derive their power from evil.

Now that we got that out of the way, let's discuss the real matter at hand.

This is even more dangerous than the time Middle Earth was in peril at the hands of Sauron.

The monsters who steal your strength.

One of the champions of health, George Hackenshmidt, said the following in the early 1900s:

Health cannot be divorced from strength.

Health means your organs are functioning as you age. It means independence. It means no frailty or inability. A mere shadow of person.

It means you live a vigorous, energy filled, rich life.

And to have that health, you CANNOT be physically weak. You can't.

The following things WILL make you weaker. So avoid them like Frodo would avoid dementors...I mean ringwraiths.

  • cardio centered training
  • inadequate protein
  • inadequate water
  • "high reps & low weight for toning" (that's not how you tone btw lol)
  • starving yourself on extremely low calorie diets
  • physically weak people (jk...but just don't do what they do)
  • bad form and technique (safe form will give you the most strength)
  • getting health and strength advice from Tracy Anderson (or any Saruman type characters)

The ONLY path to health goes through the land of strength. Fall in love with it.

What looks like a treacherous land is home to the fountain of youth.


Why My Overweight Friend Says Don't EVER Do Cardio - And He's Absolutely Right

When the average person hears a 250 pound guy talk about exercise and nutrition, they scoff.

They make a judgement or joke.

But what they wouldn't know is that my dear friend James is 100% right.

James is an intelligent man. He's started 3 businesses in the last 10 years and is 35 years old.

Despite his career success, he neglected his health. But he knew he would have to pay the cost of this neglect. Either he'd get in shape to enjoy his success now or spend all the money he's earned on medical expenses later.

His family members live with all kinds of health problems. Diabetes, back pain, name it.

The smart cookie that he is, he realized that hours of cardio were impractical. Not only that, they were also dangerous.

Running is a lot of pounding on the joints. The abuse is NOT good for unless you are able to absorb all that stress.

(or recover from it but that's a topic for another day)

Shin splints, plantar fasciitis, knee injuries, back pain, hip pain, etc.

These are a result of violating the rules of priority.

Pain makes you stop because it hurts. That's why it's there.

Even if you slog through all that cardio, you'd lose muscle mass. Then you set yourself up for weight gain if you ever stopped. It's not sustainable.

But he knew that conditioning and cardio is the last piece of the puzzle. First, you gotta build stability, mobility, and strength.

Violate this order and you WILL get injured.

It's not if, it's when.

Get strong first, add cardio later.

Our coaching is expensive. We wanted a way to reach people for under $10 per month. This print newsletter will be jam-packed with workouts, nutrition/training tips, and interviews. 

Send me your mailing address and I'll mail you the inaugural issue fo free.ninety nine. 

Silly Goose Questions to Ask Alexa

How would Alexa answer these questions?

  • - Can you eat carbs after 5 pm?
  • - Do carbs make you fat?
  • - Is cardio the best for fat loss?
  • - Does eating fat make you fat?
  • - Should I only eat organic food to be healthier?
  • - Should I avoid __________ (there's always some goo roo telling you to avoid something or another)

By the way, it's pretty awesome what Alexa can do. I love being able to have some smooth ass jazz playing whenever I enter my office or room.


The reason these are silly questions is that a little digging will give you the answer. Look at your own personal experience and the people around you. I know lots of people who avoid carbs, don't eat after 5 pm, do only cardio...and they still have zero results.

My clients and I break all those sacred cow rules and everyone is lean, mean, and strong as hell.

It's far more convincing to SEE the evidence than to have me tell you.

But I'll answer them real quick anyway:

  • - You can eat carbs anytime you want. Only calories matter with total weight.
  • - Carbs do not make you fat. Too many calories in relation to your muscle mass and daily activity make you fat.
  • - Cardio is the worst thing for fat loss (excluding stupid shit like diet pills, waist trainers, etc).
  • - Eating fat does not make you fat. Too many calories in relation to your muscle mass and daily activity make you fat.
  • - Organic doesn't mean shit. It's not regulated and it still wouldn't matter if you're eating too many calories.
  • - You don't have to avoid anything as long as you eat like an adult.

Use Alexa for something playing hella smooth ass jazz music.

We will be releasing a monthly print newsletter answering all kinds of questions like this on training, nutrition, burning fat, building muscle. It will also contain a new workout program delivered straight to your door each month.

Stay tuned for details. 

Our coaching is really expensive and not everyone can afford it. This will be less than $10/month, so this will be an awesome way for us to share programs and info every month. 

Abe Lincoln's School of Saving Lives

Why is it impossible for us to do the thing that will change our lives?

Yesterday, I spoke with a ridiculously nice guy who wanted to lose weight. Actually, he HAS to lose the weight.

  • 5'11
  •  267 pounds
  • Diabetes
  • High blood pressure
  • High cholesterol
  • Low self esteem ("I hate looking at myself...")
  • 13 year old daughter following in his footsteps

But he walked out unable to  commit.

Despite reading over 500 success stories.

His father weighed 430 pounds and died at 48. This is a man who has every reason to do this program.

Dad died. He's headed down the same path. So is his daughter.

He wanted to...but couldn't.

This is not uncommon. We live in a country that spends over $30 billion a year on fat loss fixes. Yet 7 out of every 10 people are overweight or obese. It doesn't take a genius to realize that something is wrong. All these people have compelling reasons to change. But they can't.


He doesn't think he can do it. He's never NOT been fat. He's never seen anyone do it sustainably. His family, coworkers, his friends...not a single one is healthy and fit. Not one. 

He's scared of the work. In his head, the work might be impossible (it's not). 

I could see it on his face. He felt uncomfortable being in the environment. Would we welcome him? Would people make fun of him?

San Jose Barbell (aka the Hippopotamus Republic) is the most supportive, encouraging, and positive place you'll ever find. But he doesn't know that. At the end of the day, HE is the one who has to take that leap. But what's he got to lose? 

I offered him some advice from the great Abe Lincoln before he left.

...half finished work generally proves to be labor lost

Most people never COMMIT. They start but never finish. 

ONE day at a time. All the way through. If you don't FINISH, it won't matter.

It's not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years.

What's the point living to 90 if you're dragging a half-functioning corpse of a body for the majority of it? 


For me, for my wife, for my parents, for my future kids.

For my clients, for my friends, for my brothers, my sister.

For you. 

So I can wake up every fucking morning and go to war for YOU.

If you ever need to talk and you feel like your so deep in the hole you don't know if you'll ever get me. 

I'm here for you. You CAN do it.

The Best Fat Loss Articles Of The Week

The most helpful thing we do for is sift through all the absolute garbage peddled by money hungry snakes about fat loss. You have important things to do, you don't have time to figure all that out. Luckily for you, we got your back and stay up late every night to go through it all.

Thus, I bring you the best articles of the week that will help you make more progress in less time. 

The Best Articles and Videos This Week

1. The Real Reason Why Everyone's Fat by Dani Shugart

Not taking responsibility for your life is a sure way to end up like the masses - fat and unhealthy and mean. Yes, you don't have control of certain things...but you have to ignore those and focus on the multitude of things you DO have control over.

2. 7 Dumb Things People Say About Nutrition by TC Luoma

Breaking down stupid things like "I need to detox", "I don't eat things with chemicals" and other common crap.

3. Leangains by Martin Berkhan

This is the GODFATHER of intermittent fasting. He was one of my first major influences in my attempts to get JACKED. He had disappeared for a long time...but now he's back to help you get you lean and mean (and teach you how to eat cheesecake).

4. The Best Fat Loss Advice (video) by Jordan Syatt

My main man Jordan gives you some heat. He's arguably the best fitness professional on the planet because he teaches people how to get ridiculous results while eliminating stress and overwhelm. Oh and he loves Harry Potter, unicorns, and coffee. :)

5. The Top 40 Fitness Professionals by JMax Fitness

Almost all the names on here are approved by me. They missed one guy that should have been on there though ;)

The New Year Transformation 6 Week Challenge is underway and I'm so excited for the new crew to crush it. If you want to be put on the waitlist, send an email to telling me why you need to be a part of this.

Also, Physical Culture & Body Sculpting Club is closed for new members until February. 

Their gainz just keep coming. Meer just hit a 225 pound deadlift for reps. He weighs 130 pounds and hasn't lifted before he started working with me. Raquel just hit her 30 pound fat loss milestone and shows no signs of stopping.  If you want to be on the waitlist, let me know.

raquel 6 months.png

Working out all the time and still not getting results? Karly will show you what you're doing wrong

Below is a guest post by one of our resident badasses, Karly. She has grown immensely not only in strength, endurance, and being pain free but also in her mental state. 

We've all gone through the mentality of feeling like we need to workout MORE because that's what we thin will give us better results. 

In reality, it's the reverse. It's about doing the RIGHT dose of exercise to get the desired result. 

I'll let Karly take it away!

One thing I greatly appreciate about SJBB is the ways in which the coaches guide students in shifting their mindset. Prior to working out at SJBB, I was someone who would do two workouts per day and often go and go until I crashed energetically.

As a new student at SJBB, I quickly learned that three to four days per week were enough workouts to reach my goals.

I have really enjoyed that routine because it gives me a break from the gym so that when I return, I'm excited and want to go back. I also relish my mornings off and don't feel as guilty about not working out everyday.

In the evenings, instead of returning to the gym for another work out, I can socialize or invest my time in other hobbies because I already put work in that morning.

A recent lesson that I gained involves working at 80%.

I had practiced this mentality in the past and it felt good. For me, conditioning days are easier than strength days, so I can stay around the 80% range, enjoy myself, and still get a good workout in.

What I've been struggling to figure out in the past few weeks, however, is how to maintain a cap of 80% effort and still make progress on my strength gains. I've been tracking my workouts for about 6 months now, aiming to increase my volume (the pounds you lift over a workout).

I am also working to understand the practical differences between volume, density (the time it takes you to move a certain amount of weight), and intensity (the weight you are lifting).

Overall I get the concept of these three aspects of strength, but in practice I find them overlapping and looking pretty similar at times. In my efforts to reach ever higher numbers each week, either in lifting heavier weights, or doing more sets with the same weight, I find myself pushing way beyond 80%.

It is exhausting and I see myself losing motivation to go to the gym for strength days. When I read Ranbir's email about staying within 80% so that workouts are fun and not a total chore, I realized that was what was happening to me.

I wanted gains each week, which meant pushing myself harder and harder, and it was not as fun anymore.

With additional support and contact with the coaches, I'm now working to find the sweet spot: how little work must I do and still make gains?

Decrease weight, decrease sets, decrease time, etc , so that the workout is manageable and fun. I have a newfound motivation for going to the gym with the challenge of "Pushing myself as little as I can, while continuing to get stronger."

I'm on week 2 of this mindset shift, and I'm pleasantly surprised with how energetic and stoked I am to get back in the dojo on Mondays and Fridays!

Exercise of the Week: Split Squats


What: The split squat is a one leg movement to develop the lower body health and strength.

Why: Single leg exercises build tremendous strength in the entire body and will help fix imbalances without you having to think. Not only will you be able to get rid of aches and pains, but you'll build muscle that will keep you burning fat all the time.

It's also a great way to train the lower body if the squat doesn't feel good. We don't want to force our bodies to fit into exercises. We want to pick exercises that fit our bodies.

1. Get a comfortable split stance.
2. Shift your weight over your front foot.
3. Fold at the hips slightly.
4. As you descend, keep your weight over your front foot.
5. Use your back leg to help as needed.
6. Keep the entire motion smooth and controlled. Make it look pretty. 
7. Do not let the upper body or hips shift or jerkily move. 
8. Get gains and spread smiles :)

This is one that I use when I can't get to the gym and I want to get my legs going. 

If you take longer to get to the ground, you can increase the difficulty of the exercise. I'll take up to 5 seconds per rep. 

Here's one of my go to workouts:

The Guava Single Leg Special (4-6 rounds)

30 seconds of joint circles

8 slow split squats on each leg


Exercise of the Week: Kettlebell Drags

Burning fat and becoming healthy can be confusing. 

With so many things out there, it can be difficult to figure out what actually works. 

Here's the cheat sheet to fat loss that can be sustained forever:

1. Get strong

Yup, that's it. Get strong. 

Getting stronger will be the only way that you can get rid of body fat but also keep it off. A strong person doesn't get that way by sitting on the couch and eating crap.

You have to fuel your body with vegetables, fruits, water, and protein. Basically eat like an adult. 

Ok...what's the best way to get strong?

Kettlebell drags. Hard to mess this one up. And an unbelievable amount of benefits including:

  1. extremely easy to learn
  2. not stressful on the joints like heavy lifts, running, HIIT
  3. you can really load up the weight
  4. you can get super strong quickly
  5. burns lots of calories

Its so simple, which is why most people won't do it. Try out the following challenge and see how it goes:

30 Day Drag Challenge:

Do this workout for 5 days a week.

Drag the kettlebell 20 yards.

Make circles with all your joints for 30 seconds to a minute. 

Repeat for 5-10 minutes. 

You can steadily increase weights throughout the month. Guaranteed that your body will never have felt this good if you complete this challenge. 

Send us a message and let us know how it goes!

The World's Best Oysters and What They'll Teach You About Getting Results

Simple stuff works, we like simple stuff.

Oyster connoisseurs agree that some of the world's best oysters come from Sweden. And it's not hard to see why. 

Oyster quality is highly dependent on the environment you find them in. The water in Sweden is high in salt and mineral content. And the cold kills many would be viruses and bacterias. All perfect for oysters. 

They know what types of environment produces great oysters. So it's very simple...go to where that environment exists and you will find great oysters.

When it comes to getting fat loss and building health, people seem to be confused. Let's go to the right environment. 

What does it take to burn lots of fat and build lots of good looking, health-promoting muscle?

1. Exercises that lets you put a lot of resistance through your body. 

2. Exercises that don't tax your recovery ability so that you can continue to train multiple times a week. 

3. Exercises that are easy to learn and are very safe to do. 

4. And...exercises that are FUN.

You know what fits the bill? 

STRONGMAN WORK! It's extremely simple, and a big piece of the puzzle is loaded carries. 

That's just a fancy way to say "moving a bunch of weight around in different ways." 

It's super safe, easy to learn, and will very quickly change what you look and feel like. 

The beautiful thing is that carrying weight around and dragging sleds will let you recover a lot better than what most people are doing. 

Wanna give it a try? Here's a simple workout.

  1. Pick two dumbbells (or anything for that matter) that are challenging to hold but you could walk with them for 40 yards. 
  2. Walk 20 yards, do 10 air squats, walk 20 yards.
  3. Repeat for 5, 10, or 15 minutes. 

It's really simple. You're not trying to rush through this. You do the work, you rest as needed.

Oh, and by the way, you're not going to find Swedish oysters in the United States, at least not yet. There's FDA trade regulations currently that do not allow European oysters to be imported here. So if you're ever in Sweden, make sure you get your hands on some oysters. 

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aka The Skinny Indian

aka The GuavFather

aka Little Burrito Boy

Get as lean as Daniel Craig using JUST squats and deadlifts

If you spent 80 minutes per week on TWO things, every week, you will get more fat loss and health than everything you’ve ever done in your life. 

Yep, the deadlift and the squat. 

Two major keys:

  1. These are movements you do every single day (sit on chair, a couch, a…toilet, bend down to pick stuff up etc)
  2. These are two safe movements that allow you to put more weight through your body

Most people can’t do these human movements (deadlift is like a door hinging, and the squat is…a squat)

And if you can’t do these well, you will run into injuries and overuse aches/pains with all your training and daily activities. 

So doing them will allow you to do more stuff. 

Doing more stuff will allow you to burn more calories. Contrast this with running which causes people various overuse injuries (knee, foot, shin etc).

(Btw, running is not bad…it has its place…but not as a primary fat loss tool)

Secondly, the main trigger to build muscle (and thus raise metabolism) is the amount of pounds you lift over time. 

All that means is that if you lift more weight slowly and steadily over the course of the year, you will build more muscle.

The squat and deadlift are going to be the lifts that allow you to lift the most amount of weight and use almost every muscle in your body. 

Pretty cool right? 

And here’s a SIMPLE program that you use in less time per week than it takes to watch most movies but end up looking like a movie star. 


Warm up (no more than 10 minutes max)

5 minutes on cardio thingy (treadmill, bike, jumprope, etc)

20 lunges

10 light jumps

Squat - 4 sets of 8 to 12 reps

Deadlift - 4 sets of 8 to 12 reps

Optional - 5-20 minutes of super light 60% ish cardio activity (emphasis on LIGHT!)

Your goal is to always leave 2 reps in the tank. That means if you stop at 10, you should have been able to do 2 more. 

If you barely squeeze out 8, you went too heavy. 

Your effort level should be about 80%. This will keep you safe, allow your body to have enough of a challenge to change, and let you keep good form. 

Let’s say you chose 100 pounds for your squats, you’re going to try to do 12 for all sets. The day you do that, you will add 10 pounds to the lift the next time you come in and repeat that process. 

So if you do this 2 times per week for 52 weeks, you will change your life forever. You don’t need a lot of time. 80 minutes.

Brace yourself...gains are coming. Seriously

What is it? 

Bracing is simply creating stiffness and rigidity from the shoulders down to the hips (aka your core). 

When you are trying to move objects (or even your body), and you can’t create this stiffness, bad things happen. 

  1. You put unnecessary loads on the spine which is obviously not good. You need this stuff to be strong since its home to the spinal cord…it's kinda important.
  2. You force other parts of the body to compensate for the lack of stiffness in the core (knees, shoulders, elbow, hips, etc - basically, these areas try to create stiffness through bad positions that don’t feel good but allow you to lift the weight)
  3. Your joints hurt. Lifting like this sucks because you’re in pain all the time.
  4. You can’t lift very much weight. And lifting more weight over a long period of time is the key to sustainable fat loss.

So how can you can brace?

  1. Very simple. Start with breathing in (nose, mouth - doesn’t matter at this point) and pushing your stomach out as much as possible. 
  2. Hold that breath and keep pressing the stomach out. 
  3. Do the lift.
  4. Reset the breath.
  5. Become legendary. 

All this is extremely important if you want to take advantage of the benefits of powerlifting for fat loss. You have to learn how to brace properly. 

If you know someone who needs help with their bracing, share this page!

The "I got no time" person's 1 secret weapon for mobility

Today's training topic is about the 5 Minute Flow, a simple tool to increase your mobility. 

Nothing in the past 8 years has made such an impact in such little time as the Max Shank's 5 Minute Flow. I’ve tried all kinds of mobility things and this trumps everything. I’ve been doing it consistently since February of this year and I have never felt this mobile, strong, or athletic in my life. 

But the beauty of it is that it requires nothing other than 5 minutes of your time in the morning. And you’ll be feeling and moving better. 

So what exactly is it?

Hydrating and moving for 5 minutes.

How can you do it?

1. Wake up.

2. Drink two big cups of water (don’t worry, you can do’s water. no one said to chug it)

3. Make circles with your joints, starting at the neck and working down to the ankles.

4. Be mobilized and energized for the day.

We’ve been talking about powerlifting and how it’s probably the best tool to burn fat like a crazy person.

The one thing that the vast majority of people overlook is the fact that lifting heavy weights can make you tight. They don’t spend enough time mobilizing and end up quitting too soon. In order to lift the most weights (and in turn build more muscle and burn the most amount of fat), you HAVE to be able to move. 

And the smallest change to your routine while delivering the most results is putting in these 5 minutes before you start the day.