Strongman Saturday

I'm F***in FIRED UP GUYS! 2013 was an AMAZING year. So much growth, learning, and maturing happened. But this year will be tremendous. I know Aljay, myself and the rest of the SJBB staff are all working on huuuuugeee goals and plans. Not only for the gym and you guys, but in our own training as well. Does this mean it will be a straight shot to the moon??? Nope.

This is not what success or growth looks like, yet it's what people expect

In reality, that line would be ALL OVER the place. It'll dip down, it'll shoot up. It'll go back so far, you'll think that you should just give up altogether. You'll lose motivation. But this is where we show ourselves what we are made of. This is where your support group comes in. This is where family comes in. This is where the people who push you to keep moving come in. That's what I love about our SJBB family.

Our next member spotlight is in this pic

Check out this small example from my personal life. The goal here was to gain bodyweight. Steady and consistent progress. Persistence is the key. Striving to continue learning and being patient. Look at all the dips and valleys.

yes...I only weigh 157 but look at the direction of that line

And recently I had an injury (doing things I tell you guys not to do!) I haven't been able to work out for a few weeks and that line stalled. But guess what. It doesn't matter because I'm staying patient and keeping my eyes on the prize. That's not going to happen tomorrow. Or next month. It's gonna happen if I keep my head down and keep moving forward day in and day out.


And this is the beauty of what we're seeing here at SJBB. This is what we're about. No negativity when you walk through those brick doors. We all work together. We all work hard.

We're really excited to see you guys grow and progress this year. Check out a video from earlier this week. This video was put together by Vinh from the SJBB family. Speaking of progress, he's made plenty of gains already and he's JUST getting started.




Workout for January 18, 2014

You know we like strongman activities. You know it's Saturday. You know we're going to have some fun.

SURPRISE workout

Remember, this is a free class at 11 AM every Saturday so bring your friends and family!