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Joy working perfecting her squat Do you want gymnast like control over your body?

Do you want the grace and elegant movement of a dancer?

Learn the fundamentals of body control and movement.

That's Daniel Spencer. Don't miss him this Saturday the 22nd teaching his Hand Balancing and Movement Workshop at San Jose Barbell at 1 PM. We still have a few spots!

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We'll be doing squat cleans for today's workout. For those of us who can't catch the bar in the bottom of the squat yet, you will be able clean the bar up and then do a front squat.


Pendlay Row


Work your planks in between sets.


3 rounds:

20 squat cleans

15 burpees

400 m run

Transformation Challenge

Remember, if you are competing for the grand prize, YOU MUST WEIGH IN this week. You have until Friday to get it done. If you don't get a weigh in this week, you will not be eligible for the $1000 grand prize.

Let's keep pushing