April 1st, 2014


Start of the 2nd quarter guys. Let's get after. A TON of you guys have put in ridiculous work in the first three months of this year. Now imagine if you keep it up. Where will you be in another 3 months? Another year? It always goes back to our two favorite words: patience and consistency.

One other thing. Everything you do and feel should be geared toward feeling good. Toward feeling happy. If you are not feeling good, you will not attract good things. You get or become what you think about most. Notice what you are thinking about. Notice the context and the framing you are using. If you think about not wanting to fail a test, you are putting it in a negative context. Rather, think about how good it will feel when you pass the test (since you're going to be studying anyway, right?) Put out the right energies into the universe. They will come back to you.


New focus for strength!

We will be using a 4RM for strict press to test.

Strict press

Find 4RM


EMOM 5 Min

6 DB squat clean & jerk