April 22nd, 2014

Alpha Beast Hippo Program

Starting on April 26th, 2014, be prepared to become a beast. Be prepared to get stronger. Be prepared to build muscle and incinerate fat. Be prepared to put in serious work and make big time gainz.

What is it?

It's 6 weeks of intense nutritional and physical work aimed to turn you into the monster that could be. No sissy lifting or "cardio".

We're gonna move weight, and we're gonna move it FAST.

This go around is for the men only (don't worry ladies, we haven't forgot about you). Six spots have been been spoken for so there's 4 left.

If you're serious about making a change, being aesthetic as F*** this summer at the pool, fill out this application and be ready. If you've been telling yourself you'll make time, or once work frees up, or the kids go to summer school...keep telling yourself that. Alpha beasts don't wait for the right time. They turn RIGHT NOW into the perfect time. Let's go fellas, let's get serious.



Calisthenics Workshop

Saturday April 26th, 2014 we will be hosting a Calisthenics Workshop open to anyone. This will be a great opportunity to learn from knowledgeable and skilled athletes about how to make progress in the relative strength department. Remember, this is the foundation of performance. You can't have conditioning and power without a base in relative strength. These guys are all regular people like us and they've been able to accomplish amazing things because of their patience and consistency.

The Fitmob 14.2


Castle Rock is not ready for The Stampede

We will be going on a hike at Castle Rock for the 2nd Fitmob event of 2014. We plan on being there by 8 AM. If you want to follow us, we'll leave SJBB at 7 AM (you're welcome to be there for the sunrise Danny lol). Remember this is open to anyone and you're welcome to invite friends and family.

Come join us for the shenanigans!



Squat 20 minutes

We're going to do what we did last week. You have 20 minutes to find a good comfortable weight for about 10-15 reps. Then you will do that for as many sets as possible allowing for good recovery in between. You will only do reps that have perfect form and good speed. When those elements go, you will stop your set leaving a few reps in the tank.



Power cleans


Finish with a 800 m run.