April 23rd, 2014

Tanks! The Hippo Republic tank is available for pre order! Our last shirts sold out and some people didn't get the sizes they needed so order yours now so we can make sure you get what you need! Head over to the Inner Hippo store and snag one.

Dedicated to Excellence

Weekend Activities

Calisthenics Workshop

Saturday April 26th, 2014

2 PM at SJBB


Learn how to gain mastery of the most important piece of equipment you have, your body.

The Fitmob 14.2

Sunday April 27th, 2014

The Fitmob 14.2 will be the Castle Rock hike. We will be meeting there at 8 AM. If you want to roll out with us from the gym, we will be leaving at 7 AM. Remember, anyone is welcome to join us! Only requirement is a dope attitude and a desire to have HELLA fun.


Super Set

Arnold Press

4 sets of 8-12


4 sets of 8-12


Barbell complex

5 rounds 10 reps of each movement


BB row

Muscle Clean

Front squat


Back Squat

It should take you approximately 60 seconds to complete this complex. If it takes you longer, you've gone too heavy. If you complete it in under 40 seconds, you've gone too light. You will rest 90 seconds in between rounds.