April 2nd, 2014

6:30 selfie20140401-205137.jpg Hope you guys had a fantastic April Fool's Day. Tomorrow, we'll get into something a little unusual for us. We're going to do a longer workout and it's going to have a fair amount of running. Let's get after it.

I know it can become easy to lose technique and sacrifice control as you start getting fatigued and you're trying to compete against everyone else. However, once again, let me be very clear. You are competing against YOURSELF. If you continuously get better everyday, will you not be improving against others as well? Don't let any of your reps be shitty. EVERY...SINGLE...REP...is an opportunity to get better. Don't waste these opportunities. Finishing 30 seconds faster with crap technique is not making you better. Dialing it in and being focused and disciplined will make you better.

Expect excellence. You are part of San Jose Barbell. Leave the lack of focus and discipline to other gyms and their members. You're here because you committed to getting better than when you walked through that door. Don't forget that.



1 mile run

100 pullups

200 pushups

300 air squats

1 mile run

You can break up the pullups, pushups, and squats however you want. Pullups will be strict and can be any variation. Pushups, focus on that plank position and elbows in.