This year was supposed to be different...

This year was supposed to be different. This year was the year where you turned your life around. 

How come we're halfway into February and you're in the same place you were December 31st? 

Almost 45% of the US population will make New Year's resolutions and the VAST majority will have gone back to their usual routine by the 3rd week of the month. Why can't we get our shit together? Why do we self sabotage???

Mindset.  We seem to think that if we attack behaviors and actions, we can change them and get the results we want. But actions and behaviors are the RESULTS of deep motivators that most go their entire lives without ever becoming aware of. 

Our beliefs are not ours. They are shaped by culture, social, and environmental factors. 

January 1st, 1582. This was the date when our current calendar was reformed. A completely made up event to organize time that was created centuries ago. 

Yet we base our entire lives around it. 

"Once the new year hits, I'll do this and that, and I'll stop doing that."

"2016 is MY YEAR. It's going to be different."

But why? What's vastly more important in changing behaviors and actions is to look at what causes them in the first place. One of the major things is environmental influences which start early and continue on throughout your life. 

Did family at a young age carry a belief that rich people were bad or greedy? Or that they exploited others to get money? 

Are you currently struggling with finances? Perhaps it's time to think about what is causing your struggle with money. Maybe your behaviors and actions are being shaped by those early influences. 

Did older people tell you that once you get to their age, you'll start feeling what it's like to get old??? Maybe you've noticed that you have many injuries that you've been dealing with. 

As a younger athlete, many older people told me it was cool what I was able to do (5'11" Indian kid dunking in a college basketball game) but just "wait 'til you're my age." This manifested itself as countless injuries and physical pain. Today, I'm 7 years out of college basketball and stronger, faster, more athletic than I've ever been. I changed my beliefs. 

The way you look at the world IS what it is. 

The good news is that as deep as these influences and ways of thinking are, they are just as quickly removed. 

2016 can be your year. Change your mindset, change your life. Behaviors and actions will fall in line. I look forward to helping you on your journey this year.