Are you down to ruck?

For the past few months, a small group of us at San Jose Barbell have been going RUCKING.

rucking - to put weight in your backpack and go for a walk

Led by our very own Maksym, we've hit many different hiking trails all over the South Bay. Yesterday we went to the Stevens Canyon Trail in Cupertino.

ruck squad just killin it

It's been pretty awesome. It's probably the simplest form of exercise you can do. It's also one of the most fun. We're usually cruising around at a 17 to 18 minutes per mile pace. Everyone's having a great time and we get to enjoy the natural beauty all around us.

For me, it's awesome because of a few reasons. I've had some nagging injuries in the past so one of my main goals in my training is to become more resilient and anti-fragile. Rucking builds hip and postural stability - the major factor in becoming injury proof.

Secondly, one of the safest and fastest ways I help increase an athlete's foundation and abilities is to have him start doing loaded carries. We'll have them do farmer carries, sled pulls, suitcase carries etc. Rucking is a great way to introduce loaded carries.

The third awesome thing I've found is that it burns a shit load of calories. Three times as many as just regular walking (which by the way burns about 125 calories in 30 min for the average person)! Who doesn't want to burn fat? In fact, it's much more affective at burning fat that long distance running or jogging. AND it doesn't break down the muscle in your legs and abs as running and jogging does.

And of course...I get to come up with all kinds of awesome marching chants. Such as the one about the evil ducks and the purple billed birds. Good stuff, I know. (chanting is optional lol)

If you're trying to figure out a easy way to start getting into shape without hurting yourself, try it out. Start off with maybe 10 lbs in a backpack and start doing a 30 minute walk 3 times a week. Build up from there. You'll be pretty amazed at what it will do to your physique!