Audit time...on yourself.

Recently I put up a video in the private San Jose Barbell Facebook group. Let me sum up the message: audit yourself and see how much of the stuff you tell yourself and others is bullshit.

We go through life and say we want a lot of different things. Then we go ahead and come up with a million excuses as to why we haven't achieved those things or why we haven't gotten any closer to them.

These are called excuses. Several times this week I have heard people LIE to themselves about what they wanted and why they couldn't have it.

"I really do want to make a change and get in shape but I just can't afford to go to a gym."

"I want to get ripped and toned but I just don't have time to cook or eat healthy."

"I'm so busy with school and work right now." (I know some insanely busy women who have children, jobs, run households, and then KICK ASS in the gym and eat healthy; you're not busier than them trust me Mr. Single No Responsibilities 20-Something Year Old)

That's all good and fine. It doesn't really matter what you are telling others. What really matters is if you truly believe what you are saying. You can't invest in yourself, fine. Money is an issue, ok fine. But be honest to yourself and see if you aren't spending your time and your money on BULLSHIT. Are you going on the weekends? Do you stay up late and squander your time away doing bullshit things? Do you spend money on going out to eat 4 times a week? Does your morning coffee cost $3 every day? Is someone FORCING you to do those things? No, you're choosing to do them. So tell yourself the truth.

"I CHOOSE to put having a good time now and being comfortable with an average existence at a higher priority than my longterm happiness and health. "

Say that. Be honest with yourself. You are the most important person in your life. Don't lie to the most important person in your life.

That path leads to a shitty destination.

Awareness proceeds change. Go to a mirror right now and ask yourself what you want out of your life.

Then ask yourself if you are doing the things required for that.

If not, make ONE change to get closer to that goal.

That's it. One step at a time. To greatness. To a life worth living. To stop the lying and the bullshit.