Build That Back So You Can Do More Twork

We'll be working on one of the BEST back builders in the game: the bent over row. It's no coincidence that you will see the bent over row in any lifting program worth its salt. Big compound movements. Really important muscles

Important thing to consider when you take a 10,000 foot view of your programming and workouts you do. We tend to do a lot of upper body pushing work. We live in this position through most of our daily routines as well: driving, typing, etc. It is super important to balance this pushing with adequate pulling. Personally, whenever I am doing pushing (bench, pushups, pressing, etc) I'll head over to the bar and bang out some pullups or grab a band and do facepulls. Along these lines, Dan John has a GREAT line in this article about balance and its importance in leading a long life of pain free movement.

Sadly, most trainers have this backwards, they tend to emphasize the "mirror muscles" like the pecs and biceps (bench press and curls) and ignore the muscles that are really the muscles of youth.

Ahhh, and this is why I love Dan John. The man is a GENIUS when it comes to breaking down all the bullshit to get to the core of what really matters. Also...he has pictures of Raquel Welch in his article.

Frank's Actual Back MRI



Workout for January 8, 2014


Bent Over Row 5x5

5 sets of 3-7 strict HSPU or normal Push-ups in between

AMRAP 12 Minutes:

10 Wall Balls

30 Double Unders/100 Singles