Buying the hammer

Harpreet is chilling in his living room. He's just moved and is making the place his own. Putting up decorations, bringing new furniture and trying to build the atmosphere he wants. As he sits on the couch, he notices that there is one thing missing. His books.

Having his life completely transformed by the books he's read, he knows that having his favorites up on a shelf would add the feeling that is missing. It would make him happy to have them right there for reference and for sharing.

Luckily, he has the shelf he wants to put up as well as the nails. One problem: he needs a hammer.

He heads out to Lowe's (their customer service is first class). He asks the guy where the hammers are.

Grabs one, pays, goes home.

Harpreet bought a hammer. Or did he?

He puts up the shelf using the hammer, grabs his favorite books, and sits back down.

He smiles. Happiness.

Did he go to buy a hammer? Or the feeling he would get when he could sit there and grab a book?

You know the answer.

Why are you working?

Why are you working out?

You don't go to the gym because to lose fat. You don't go to the gym to build muscle. You go there because of the feelings you will get once those things happen.

You don't go to work and bust your ass because that's the end goal. You go there because making money will give you the freedom to live the way you want. To provide for your family. Which will make you feel a certain way.

Being aware of this does two things:

1. Allows you to make the right decisions because you know WHY you are doing something.

2. Allows you to stay focused and stay consistent through the day to day stuff. You won't get distracted 332 by cat memes and Worldstar Hip Hop videos of the shittiest human behaviors.

Perspective and awareness.

Awareness precedes change. Expand yours.