I ain't got time fo dat

"I don't have time for ______"

"I can't commit the time for _______"

"I'm so busy, I can't find the time for _________"

We HAVE to catch ourselves when we start talking like this. Remember, you will never find the time to do something or build a new habit. You have to MAKE the time. 

We live our lives as if we will live forever. We'll start working out or eating right NEXT WEEK. Or NEXT MONTH. Or in 6 weeks. Or when work gets a little less crazy. Eh....good luck with that. You'll find that a year has gone by and nothing has changed. Two years and nothing. You get it. 

This happens because we live in the short term view of our actions. When a behavior doesn't have an immediate negative impact, we will continue to do it, especially if the immediate feeling is good. 

Eating a donut feels good now, but it has negative impacts in the future in the form of being fat, unhealthy, and having no energy, and feeling unattractive to your spouse/gf/opposite sex. You won't feel those feelings as you eat the donut...those come well in the future.

The opposite is true of positive and things worth having or achieving. 

Lifting weights doesn't have immediate impacts on your body. It takes time and you may not see or feel the different immediately. Instead, the immediate thoughts and sensations are negative. You have to go to the gym, you have to get sweaty, it's going to be hard work lifting weights and working out. It feels better to just skip it. 

And we are masters at making things like this sound reasonable. 

Exercise doesn't COST you time, it BUYS you time. - Martin Rooney

You can make anything sound like the truth.  But I would argue that you have bigger issues if you cannot and will not make time for your health. 

I've repeated this in the past but look...when is this time in your life going to arrive when everything is smooth sailing? 

You don't have extra work, your kids are all perfectly behaved and don't have 3223 activities, and your family isn't being crazy. This doesn't exist. Would you really even want to live in such a boring existence?

Our live are shaped by our decisions. You ARE your decisions.

To me, it makes more sense to be better equipped to handle and deal with life's ups and downs because you are healthy and energetic. You have strength for physical, mental, and emotional conflicts and tasks. 

Why would you neglect the one thing that will make you BETTER at dealing with everything else? 

If this is you, you're not a bad person. We all do this. Some of us do this in different areas. 

But it's an opportunity. An opportunity to enrich your life. 

Everything will be gone one day. You'll be gone, your family will be gone, the earth will be gone, even the sun will be gone. The only thing that matters is your relationships, the fun and meaningful things you did, and how you feel when you are all by yourself. 

You don't have forever. Take the step towards feeling better and happier today. Right now.

What could that step be? 

Well first of all, you HAVE to create some buffer time between all the things you have to do. 

Take an hour or two and plan out what you want. Schedule your upcoming week, day by day, with all the important things.

What work things MUST be done. The second thing HAS to be your health. This could include putting into your schedule time for 4 hours of working out, a few hours of cooking and eating healthy meals, and maybe even an hour or two per week of massage or something relaxing. 

Take care of YOU because no one else is going to. No one is going to make YOU their priority. 

Once you have those two things ON YOUR SCHEDULE, then you can add family, friends, events, etc. 

You will feel so much better. You won't feel like your being squeezed into a little corner and losing your mind with all the things you "have" to do. 

....Now, with all that being said....don't forget that the middle way is the best. You should say no to things that are not a priority to you. If they don't make you happy or make you money (which you will use to get more freedom and thus happiness), DON'T DO THEM.

Why would you do stuff that doesn't make you happy or make you money?

You don't owe anyone anything. You DO owe yourself peace and happiness.