Workout 4/7/13

Great job today to everyone who came in! Saw some new peeps throwing down. Saw huge improvements from some of our old peeps. One thing I wanted to touch on is the idea of continuous improvement. We must always strive for improvement in all areas of our lives. One of our crew (shout out to Booker for being an ANIMAL) introduced me to the Japanese term for this, kaizen. This is exactly what we strive for in our gym. We want every single member to remember this philosophy and use it to improve their lives in and out of the gym.

Now for tomorrow's workout, I highly encourage using your mobility and strength that you work so hard to achieve in fun activities. It's a great way to get some active recovery for your body as well as your brain; nothing like a sweet-ass game of ultimate frisbee.

Now if you still want to do something, here is the workout for Sunday.

5-10 50 m sprints. Build up to them and make sure your WARMED UP. Take your time in between sets so you can go all out. If you have access to a hill, USE IT.