Change the game!

March 3rd, 2014

We're all changing the game this year

WHOA. Just got back from Las Vegas where I attended the Changing the Game Event. The best and brightest minds in the world of training, strength, nutrition, motivation, and mobility spoke over 3 days JAM PACKED with information and knowledge. There was so much to learn and grow towards. Yeah, we talk about constantly improving yourself and getting better.

But we're out here doing it as well. This is why we're going to be the BEST.

We surround ourselves with the best, we learn from the best, and we demand continuous improvement.

Why? So we can help you do the same. You best believe that we'll be making your experience even better at San Jose Barbell. Our SJBB family will become even stronger and influential in changing people's lives. Oh yeah, the game's definitely been changed.

Learnings and Knowledges Being Acquired Through Osmosis

Alright! Let's get to it! New focus for the month of March. The clean. A note on the jumping position.


Hang Clean

Find 2 rep max


12 seconds of work, 48 seconds of rest

4 rounds

High knees


Partner up. While person 1 does the required number of reps of the first exercise, person 2 continuously does the second exercise.

4 min AMRAP

1A) 10 banded good mornings

1B) pushups 1 minute.....

4 min AMRAP

2A) 12 kettlebell swings

2B) pullups