Crunch Time and Push Press

First things first, watch this video:

Maura is a good friend of ours here at San Jose Barbell. In fact, she started Crossfit the same month that I did at NorCal Crossfit years ago. This video is actually 2 years old now and she's CONTINUED to make progress.

What's your "WHY?" Do you know why you want to make the transformation? If you can't identify this why, then you don't want it bad enough. You just say you do. BUT KNOWING THIS IS THE FIRST STEP! As long as you can honestly look at yourself and realize it, you can make progress. If you refuse to acknowledge your willingness to get UNCOMFORTABLE, it will be nearly impossible to CHANGE YOUR WORLD. But you can. We believe in you, but you have to believe in yourself.

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Gotta shoot for the stars if you want to land on the moon

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Workout for January 16, 2014

Push Press


EMOM 12 minutes (every minute on the minute)

Rx is 55/35

Scale according to your strength level.

3 manmakers