Cutting Off Buttwipes Doesn't Equal Fat Loss

Some buttwipe cut me off in traffic yesterday.

I'm a pretty chill guy so I didn't try to "teach him a lesson."

Other people's stupidity doesn't rile me up. It's why Equanimity is one of the 3 E's of the Hippopotamus Republic.

(btw, equanimity - mental calmness, composure, and evenness of temper, especially in a difficult situations)

Anyways, I watched the buttwipe cut off a Mazda MPV (an old school van lol) a few cars in front of me. Mr. Mazda wasn't havin' it though.

He must have skipped the chapter on equanimity. He sped up and cut off the Mr. Buttwipe.

I lost sight of them as they travelled down the street.

About 5 minutes later, I pulled up to a red light and BOTH of them were there. Mr. Buttwipe and Mr. Mazda, yelling and screaming at each other.

My point? Nobody "won". They both ended up in the same place.

(not to mention they could have killed themselves)

That's why you question other people and their actions. Don't blindly follow advice. Don't base your observations on their words. I would never take any kind of advice from either of those guys.

Rather, think about the results of their actions.

98 out of 100 people will NEVER have the health or body they want.

68% of America is overweight or obese (a much higher percent is unhappy with how they look, how they feel, and the state of their health).

So why let idiots like Mr. Mazda give you advice or influence your health decisions?

Instead, look for people who have the results you want. Then see what similarities there are among them.

For strength, health, and fat loss?


1. JERF (just eat real food)

2. Get as strong as humanly possible

3. Be around others who know how to do this

4. Be patient and stay consistent

Examples of stupid shit:

  • put sticks of butter in your coffee

  • drink apple cider vinegar for fat loss

  • do 32 hours of cardio a day

  • light weights and high reps for "toning"

  • not lifting weights because it makes you bulky

I could go on...