Diabeetus? https://youtu.be/nmmni_WdcFI

So that's a quick video on how to pronounce the word. It's important to know how to pronounce it before we dive into what it is.

If you know someone with diabetes or have diabetes yourself, this is for you. This is going to be specifically for type 2 diabetes.

If not, you should read this anyway because you’ll get a basic understanding of what this whole diabetes and insulin business is all about.

As always, the goal is not to complicate things more than they need to be. Keep making things simple. 

So here we go: Diabetes is when your body has a hard time metabolizing (aka knowing what to do with) carbohydrates. Insulin is the key piece of this puzzle.

What is insulin?

1. Insulin is the hormone that handles glucose in the blood (blood glucose depends on how much carbs you ate).

    1. Why does blood glucose need to be “handled?” 

        1. If it gets high enough, it can kill you. 

        2. If it doesn’t get that high, it can wreak havoc on your body’s ability to burn fat.

    2. You eat carbs and your blood glucose rises and the pancreas releases insulin to take it from the blood stream and into the tissues in the body (muscle, fat, etc).

2. If the blood glucose level remain high (because you can’t stop eating sugary crap) your tissues begin to become resistant to the insulin. 

    1. Your tissues developed a tolerance for the insulin so you need more and more insulin to do the same job.

        1. Just like a junkie needs ever increasing amounts of drugs to get the same high...

    2. Eventually your pancrease can’t keep up with the demands and tells you to F off. You broke your f’n pancreas.

        1. This is when people have to switch to an injectable form of insulin

3. If you are healthy and have good insulin sensitivity, you can think of insulin as a switch for what type of fuel your body will use.

    1. When you have a lot of insulin, your body will use carbs for fuel

    2. When you have low insulin, your body will use fat for fuel

    3. The better your sensitivity to insulin, the better your body can switch between using fat and carbs

    4. This means you are metabolically flexible.

    5. This means your body will be very good at burning fat and keeping a lower (and healthier) body fat percentage. 

        1. Low bodyfat isn’t just cool because you get to be sexy...it’s IMPERATIVE to health.

        2. Healthy bodyfat for men is 10-15%. For women, it’s 20% to 25%.

How can you stop this if you currently have type 2 diabetes? How can you prevent it if your family has a history of it?

It’s very simple:

1) Resistance training that stimulates muscles to do work and grow is a key component of this recovery and prevention.

2) Eating the right AMOUNT of carbs proportional to your activity level. Run marathons? Eat more carbs. Train vigorously 5 times a week? Eat more carbs. Sit for 18 hours a day and don’t know what a vegetable looks like? Leave the carbs alone for a little while.

Again, I’m simplifying but it’s improtant to build a foundation. You can get as complicated as you want but if you move more, eat like an adult, drink water you’ll be in a much better position. A healthier, happier, sexier position :)