February 6th, 2014

Truth Discipline exercise of the day:

Let's make it a goal to catch ourselves making an excuse tomorrow. Make an effort to listen to yourself making the excuse, see what your brain is trying to convince you of, and then doing what needs to be done.

5:30 crew reppin


Alright SJBB crew, we have a bunch of things going on in the next few weeks. We'll be having our Transformation Contestants hitting the midway point soon and there will be a workshop for them to attend. This will be for contestants ONLY and they are allowed 1 guest each.

We have a Groupon Deal going on currently as well! It's the best way to get in, get your introduction class out of the way ($75 value included) and test drive us for a month ($150 value included).


Next, we have the Hand Balancing and Movement Exploration Workshop being led by Daniel Spencer.

Here's the link to the FB event page where you can pay the registration fee to reserve your spot. This will have 15 spots available as Daniel will be working with us hands on for 4 hours. This is can't miss seminar. So much valuable information and experience will be made available that you can put into practice immediately. SJBB crew can register for $80; non member price is $90.


You can also register for it through our site at:


Daniel in the straddle handstand

Workout for February 6th, 2014

We will be working the squat. Quick note: remember that if you cannot squat with a flat back, hips below knee crease, on your heels, knees out, we want to continue working the goblet squat. This is EXTREMELY important. It can be hard to stay patient and stick with it, but it will pay huge dividends in strength, mobility, and overall quality of movement down the road. Ask those of us in the gym who are always working that movement in the gym how much improvement can be made in a few short weeks by making the goblet squat an important part of your training.

Back squat



A Chipper!

400 m run

25 pullups

50 pushups

100 V-ups

150 squats

200 double unders (400 singles)

400 m run