The Fitmob 14.1!

Alright alright alright allriiiggghhhtttt.... Dr. Karo says you gon' learn today!

we go way back

We got two events tomorrow for The Fitmob 14.1. First, Dr. Karo will be putting on a clinic. We will be going through a full movement and mobility assessment and screen. This is an extremely valuable tool that will take your gainzzz through the roof. If there are limitations and restrictions in your movements, you HAVE to address them. Trying to work through these things without fixing the underlying problems will put a serious ceiling on your progress. Come fix yourself and take the roof off the gainz. Dr. Karo has worked with tons of high level athletes as well as everyday people.


...surprise workout!

All you need to bring is the desire to do some work, learn, and most importantly...HAVE FUN.

By the way...there is a hurricane warning...some of you might know what that means...


Obviously, due to The Fitmob, there will be no 11 AM class. We will be going from 8 AM to about 10:30 AM.

Shout out to Physical Culturist for this!