Get your hands up...and do overhead squats

February 20th, 2014

Hand Balancing and Movement Exploration Workshop

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Hard work and patience...guaranteed to get results


Make action your favorite word.

Is something bothering you? Take Action.

Are you worried about something? Take Action.

Is there something you want? Take Action.

Do you have goals and desires? Take Action.

Whatever it is, make Action your go to tool. Use it to defeat fears and doubts. Use it to overcome obstacles and failures. Use it to silence the haters. Use it to prove to yourself that you can do it. Take action and take control.

Don't sit there inside your head always thinking and planning.

Sometimes you need to get outside of your head and make a move.

Then make more moves. Then keep moving. And then when you think to yourself how tired and sleepy you are...SNAP OUT OF IT AND MAKE MORE MOVES. There is no reason for you to not achieve your wildest dreams. Not in the amazing world and time we live in today.

The easiest thing to do is the thing you’ve always done.

It’s the thing you’ve habituated, the thing that’s waiting for you, the thing that makes you feel safe and OK.

The hardest thing to do?

Recognizing when you’re doing the easy thing.

And then doing the opposite.

Two action takers making huge gains in the Transformation Challenge!

That's legitmate. That's hard work paying off.


Overhead Squat 3-3-3-3-3


For time:

5 inverted burpees (or strict handstands)

10 pullups

15 wall squats (hands up on the wall to mimic the overhead squat)

20 power cleans

25 pushups

30 double unders (or 60 singles)

35 burpees

40 wallballs (or DB thrusters)

45 walking lunges

50 goblet squats