I wanna be like Mike...

Striving for excellence in all areas of life. This is the goal of each and every person who comes through the doors of San Jose Barbell. Making progress in health, how we look, in our careers, finances, our relationships, and our mental health is what we strive for. Getting to a place of effortless and graceful excellence.

However, it's not a smooth road. There will be many roadblocks along the way. One of these roadblocks is our unwillingness to pursue things that we are not talented at naturally. Can you recall a time where you didn't attempt something because you simply thought you weren't a natural? You look at certain people and attribute their success to the talents and natural ability they were blessed with. And so it's pointless for YOU to pursue it because you don't have the same gifts.

This is a cop out. Very rarely do the most talented people make it to the pinnacle of any field. The person who put in more practice than anyone else is the one who reaches the top.

Michael Jordan.

The greatest basketball player of all time. Greatest athlete of all time? He's in that conversation with a handful of other people. You could even say he was the greatest at doing what he did, compared to anyone doing anything.

Most people marvel at how talented and athletically gifted he was. Of course, we all know Michael as the greatest. It was just meant to be. He had it all.

Was that the key?

Sure we all know the stories about how he was cut from the varsity team in high school. How he didn't get recruited by his dream college. How he was passed up by two other teams before the Bulls picked him. And we can sit back and laugh at how anyone could pass up on Michael Jordan. But what we forget is, at the time, Michael Jordan was just another basketball player. Not the most gifted, not the most athletic. Simply a basketball player.

What those people didn't know is that Michael Jordan had the growth mindset that allowed him to get better everyday  until he became...Michael Jordan. Nothing was viewed as a success or a failure. Everything was feedback. And feedback is the breakfast of champions.

There is no hiding your mistakes and weaknesses. There is only a deep hunger to find a coach to get feedback from and improve.

There is no resting in accomplishments. There is only a deep hunger to improve what is already great.

There is no hesitation in attempting new things.

Who else would risk their ego and greatness by trying to play a sport that they haven't played since high school? For anyone who can see the value of the growth mindset, Michael's baseball attempt truly shows how strong his growth mindset was.

Most pro athletes would NEVER put themselves in such a vulnerable position. This was the greatest basketball player of all time. And here he was bumming around on the lowliest of minor league teams, trying to make it to the MLB. There is something huge to be learned from this. Most of us will never put ourselves in that type of position.

So what does he attribute to his undeniable place at the top of the sports world? His mind. He believed that his mental toughness and willingness to accept feedback and constantly improve is what sets him apart. At any give time, he had multiple coaches in various areas helping him to make improvements in his game. This same mindset has allowed him to become the first athlete to reach a net worth of $1 billion. A constant ebb and flow towards improvement. More practice. More feedback. Never protecting the ego. Always looking for the truth and being fearless.

What to do:

1. Focus on what is IN your control. Those are things you can get feedback on and improve.

ex. Carried extra bodyweight your whole life? Instead of focusing on thoughts such as "I'm just fat because it's in my genetics, " start thinking about things you CAN CONTROL. How much do you eat? What kinds of foods do you eat? How much do you move each day?

2. Get a coach and get feedback. Want to get better at business? Find a mentor who can give you feedback on your habits, practices, and decisions.

3. Understand that there is no such thing as a failure or a success. Every result is a piece of information. A PIECE of information. You can now use it to adjust your efforts and zig zag your way to the destination.

4. Be patient. Success is not a straight line. It's a zig zag. Michael Jordan didn't win his first NBA championship until his 7th year as a professional. He didn't become a billionaire until almost 30 years after he entered the business world.

5. Be around people who understand the following:

Feedback is the breakfast of champions. 

Now go do something that scares the shit out of you.