January 12, 2014

Saturday Morning Crew putting in TWORK Hey guys, tomorrow's 11 AM class is going to be cancelled. We will still be open from 10 AM to 1 PM for Open Gym.

Since we usually like to program some strongman training on Sundays, check this link. If you're feeling extra ambitious and want to get ready for the 49ers game, come in and hit this before. We don't have a sledgehammer, but you can sub it with something. For those of us who can't flip our tire (who's name is Terrance btw), sub with deadlifts.


Transformation Challenge

Transformation Contest Rules and Registration

There is a MAJOR change to the contest. It will now be an individual contest. Everything stays the same and the grand prize remains at $1000. Register as soon as you can!

Fit into those clothes that you haven't been able to wear!

Build the physique and find the energy that you always wanted.

Have fun and build great friendships while helping others achieve their goals!

You CAN do anything you want. Let SJBB help you get there!

And if nothing else, get in shape because...

At least you'll be in shape to escape the zombie apocalypse...