Learn and Grow

One of the things you will hear again and again if you come through San Jose Barbell is Kaizen. This simply means that you are constantly learning and becoming better. Always striving to better than yesterday. If you see that someone is a staff member at San Jose Barbell, you can guarantee that you will be getting the best. They will be constantly learning, watching, listening, teaching. That's our promise to you.

So one thing that really helps is to be able to learn new things and skills quickly. There are many great books breaking down how people learn and how to become a better learner. Not surprisingly, it's more to do with mindset and attitude rather than natural talents.

"Oh, I'm just not good at math."

Bullcrap. You've been told some people are good, others aren't. Instead of breaking down the subject and focusing on the essential pieces (80/20 rule) you simply give up before you ever try. Or maybe you spend all your time trying to figure out the "perfect" way to practice or learn something. Here are a few awesome books that we highly recommend to help you gain a new perspective on learning.

Straight A Conspiracy


The First 20 Hours (Here's a presentation the author did on the book)


Learning is all about breaking things down to their essential parts and then practicing. And you can get really good at a lot of things in a lot less than 10,000 hours. We'll be giving more recommendations as we read more interesting stuff.

Sometimes you just need a little help from your friends


We will be practicing our hand balancing tomorrow.

Conditioning & Strength

4 rounds

200 m farmer's carry 1 arm

15 swings