March 10th, 2014

Hope you guys had a terrific weekend. I know we did at SJBB. Check out the crew putting their fitness and health to work hiking up in Muir Woods. SJBB killin that trail like it's nothing!

This is what it's all about guys. There is more to this than just lifting weights and being in the gym. The whole reason we work out is so we can live FULLER, RICHER lives with our friends and families.

Side note:

There is hot water! Those of you who take showers...feel free to enjoy the hot water again ahhaah. But you can still get the benefits of the cold showers if you want!

Why to take cold showers


Front Squat



Starting off the week right with a chipper!

I hope you're happy Ken!

For Time:

30 pull ups

50 KB swings 1.5 pd

75 double unders

50 pushups

30 front squats 95#/65#

30 muscle cleans 95#/65#

30 knees to elbow

35 dips (or bench dips or close grip pushups)

21 wall balls

75 lunges