March 14th, 2014

Hope you guys enjoyed yesterday's workout. We'll be doing more stuff that gets you moving out of the basic up/down, back/forth movement patterns. We're made to move in all types of directions. Look for more of that. So...something that I wanted to talk about real quick.

First core value when you walk into the gym is Kaizen. GET BETTER. You will come to San Jose Barbell and you will improve yourself from the day before. You will will compete against yourself. You will NOT make excuses. You will have your head in the game and pay attention. Coming to SJBB isn't about showing up and mindlessly going through the motions. It's about sharpening your brain as well as your body. We strive for MENTAL AND PHYSICAL mastery. Let's keep up the awesome work so far this year guys. Continue to bring your A game to each and every class. Your coaches put in the work and give you the BEST. You need to come in and do the same. Let's get it SJBB!!!!

Saint Lawrence Crew getting jacked and tan


Muscle Clean

5 sets of 3 reps


5 rounds

200 m run

50 m waiter walk, right arm

50 m waiter walk, left arm

20 air squats

Here is what waiter walks look like: