March 24th, 2014

instabooth1 instbooth2 Thanks for everyone who came out to the Transformation Challenge Party last night! It was a lot of fun and it wouldn't have been possible without everyone who participated. It was a great way to celebrate all the hard work you guys have put in. Everyone put in a lot of hard work but it was tough decision when it came down to it and we had to pick two winners for the grand prize. Brett and Ken are our winners for the first contest! Not only did they make huge physical changes, but they made GAINZ in strength, endurance, and power. Looking forward to the next contest!

FitMob 14.1

It's here! We will be holding our free Fitmob event on Saturday March 29th.

8 am to 10 am at San Jose Barbell

There will be a free assessment of movements followed by our workout! Stay tuned for more info!

Other news:

We have the best tasting protein for sale at the gym now! Come get your Progenex!


Hang Clean Thruster

2 sets of 3 reps


Handstand work


Team sled pull

1 person will be on sled while the rest of the team will carry a KB. If the team has more than 2 people, you can carry plates.