March 26th, 2014

Oh, the clock is too small on the iPad you say?? Bam!!! How's that?!20140325-201942.jpg


You come in to SJBB to GET BETTER. Our job is to MAKE you better. So you need to trust us to do that. I know that it's hard to for most of us to do things like deload and rest, but you need to understand its place and importance in achieving your goals. If you didn't read yesterday's linked articles, please do so here.

Most of us are insanely competitive (which is awesome and drives us to get better) but we need to understand that intentionally programming these deloads and back off periods will allow the body to rest and recover. Otherwise your body will "force" a deload by getting hurt. Then you HAVE to take time off or do things differently. Be smart. Go do something fun for the week. Play some sports, go on a hike, challenge me to a game of one-on-one basketball ;)


Saturday March 29th, 2014

8 AM to 10 AM

We will be having a free assessment screen where you will learn how to correct common movement patterns that can limit performance and lead to injury. Then we will have an awesome workout battle royale! Remember, this is open to everyone and it's a lot of fun!

IMG_1485 IMG_5413 IMG_1510


Back squat

2 sets of 5


Box Jump


For time:

30 back squats

25 pullups

20 front squats

15 pullups

10 OHS

5 pullups