May 21st, 2014

NEWS! One year anniversary is coming up in July! Be prepared for EPICNESS!

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Benefits of sauna use:

Remember, this is deload week, so we're decreasing volume. Giving our bodies a week of recovery is REALLY important if we haven't drilled that into your head yet!

I stumbled upon this basketball coach's article, but I have to say...the man is spot on. Great info and article about the importance of recovery and what it really means.

Perryman wrote, “Paraphrasing Vladimir Zatsiorsky, the idea is to train as heavy as possible and as often as possible while staying as fresh as possible.” Of course, in Easy Strength, Pavel Tsatsouline and Dan John wrote that in team sports, strength training cannot interfere with the team’s practice or games. The goal in team sports is not to be the strongest team, but to be the best at the skills of the sport, and strength is one piece of a much larger puzzle.

My goal, as a strength coach, is to combine those two ideas: lift as heavy as possible as often as possible without forgetting that the sport and its skills are most important.

Perryman wrote, “Strength is a skill, teaching your brain how to handle a movement and maximum weight, but it’s also about building your body’s capacities.” For this reason, when we look at strength training in terms of recovery or preparing for the next practice or game, the recovery has to be as much about the emotional and psychological as the physical. As Perryman wrote, “Staleness is a problem of intensity: weights are too heavy and athletes are pushing too hard, emotionally, to lift them.” It’s not the physical fatigue – it’s the emotional fatigue from pushing at maximum capacity for too long without a break.



Power Clean

3 sets of 5 reps


TGU 10 min


5 rounds

8 feet lateral crawl (two mats)

3 TGU left

3 TGU right

5 split stance squats left

5 split stance squats right