May 22nd, 2014

Ken's 8 week transformation All the guys in the 6 week Alpha Hippo Program are kicking major butt! Super proud of all you guys. Keep working hard and getting better every day.

That's a pic of Ken before and after the January 8 week challenge. What you need to do is real simple if you want to change your body like never before. Simple...but not easy. Put in the hard work. It helps that you will be surrounded by a super supportive team at SJBB that will simplify everything for you and push you to get better each day.

The 8 Week Vegas Body program for the girls just got underway and we're excited to see you guys take your bodies and health to new levels! Let's get it ladies! Show the guys how its done!



2 sets of 10 reps




6-9 rounds

100 m row

rest 2 minutes