The Open is Upon Us!


February 28th, 2014


Learning going on IN PERSON from heavyweights like Eric Cressey, Dan John, John Rommaniello, Alan Aragon, Eric Thomas, Martin Rooney and more. This is how we're bringing you guys the best training, nutrition, and mindset to get you results. Kaizen, all day, everyday.

So, because of this, we will be having limited hours. Saturday will be open gym only and Sunday we will be closed.

It's that time of the year...

The Crossfit Open is here. This is a 6 week journey to find the fittest men and women on earth. Anyone can register to compete and try to make it. It's a great way to see where you stack up as well as give yourself a marker for next year. We'll be doing the workouts weekly in the gym so look out for those.


  Retest 3RM back squat



Open workout 14.1 We will be doing this with a 1 arm dumbbell snatch.