The World's Best Oysters and What They'll Teach You About Getting Results

Simple stuff works, we like simple stuff.

Oyster connoisseurs agree that some of the world's best oysters come from Sweden. And it's not hard to see why. 

Oyster quality is highly dependent on the environment you find them in. The water in Sweden is high in salt and mineral content. And the cold kills many would be viruses and bacterias. All perfect for oysters. 

They know what types of environment produces great oysters. So it's very simple...go to where that environment exists and you will find great oysters.

When it comes to getting fat loss and building health, people seem to be confused. Let's go to the right environment. 

What does it take to burn lots of fat and build lots of good looking, health-promoting muscle?

1. Exercises that lets you put a lot of resistance through your body. 

2. Exercises that don't tax your recovery ability so that you can continue to train multiple times a week. 

3. Exercises that are easy to learn and are very safe to do. 

4. And...exercises that are FUN.

You know what fits the bill? 

STRONGMAN WORK! It's extremely simple, and a big piece of the puzzle is loaded carries. 

That's just a fancy way to say "moving a bunch of weight around in different ways." 

It's super safe, easy to learn, and will very quickly change what you look and feel like. 

The beautiful thing is that carrying weight around and dragging sleds will let you recover a lot better than what most people are doing. 

Wanna give it a try? Here's a simple workout.

  1. Pick two dumbbells (or anything for that matter) that are challenging to hold but you could walk with them for 40 yards. 
  2. Walk 20 yards, do 10 air squats, walk 20 yards.
  3. Repeat for 5, 10, or 15 minutes. 

It's really simple. You're not trying to rush through this. You do the work, you rest as needed.

Oh, and by the way, you're not going to find Swedish oysters in the United States, at least not yet. There's FDA trade regulations currently that do not allow European oysters to be imported here. So if you're ever in Sweden, make sure you get your hands on some oysters. 

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