Presses and Waking Up Early

I try not to be the guy on the right in the morning What do these two things have in common??? Nothing. But they're both part of a fulfilling life. No really, there is no single thing that will add muscle, strength, and LIFE back to your body than picking something up off the floor and pressing it overhead. And beautiful things happen when you wake up early and do simple things like the ones described in this article on LifeHack.

Nice Press

Increasing your strict press will do more for you than almost any other lift for the upper body. Our shoulder joints are one of the most complex and versatile in the body. This also leaves it vulnerable to many problems that are exacerbated by bad postures and habits. This article has a pretty solid gameplan to put in place if you want to protect those shoulders for the long run.

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Workout for January 10, 2014

Strict Press 5x5
For Time: 18-15-12-6

Pull-Ups/Australian Pull-Ups


Box Jumps.