Pullup Jam for Charity!

hangtplanchepresenting Thank you to everyone who came to the Pullup Jam this Saturday August 16th, 2014! It was a lot of fun and we raised $219 for the Painted Turtle organization! They provide summer camp experiences for children who have life threatening diseases. They push them beyond their limits and allow the children to have life changing growth while being able to offer the medical care they need. Each camp location (there are 16 worldwide) is responsible for raising their own money. The organization was started by Paul Newman in 1999.

It is amazing that our community comes out and supports causes like this on a regular basis. Being part of this universe, it is imperative that we give back to it. Our lives improve dramatically when we participate and do more for others. As a byproduct, we get the happiness and satisfaction that we strive for. Many of you donated more than $10 and we thank you for that. Over the course of the week, I know that I easily spend more than $10 on frivolous things so I try to make it a point to donate to some type of good cause. Whether that's to a homeless person or $1 at checkout at Lucky's. Think of it as a little burst of goodness being added to the world.

This following weekend on August 23rd, 2014, we will be having our One Year Anniversary Charity Workout! We will raise money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. We've set a goal to raise $1000. We hope to see you there! Bring friends and family!

As a reminder, we will have calisthenics classes led by Tony Parng 3 times a week.

Tuesday & Thursday @ 6:30 pm Sunday @ 10 am

Let us know, spots will go fast!