Pursuit of Excellence

What's going on everybody, Don Serratus checking in. Just wanted to share some thoughts on this wonderful evening. I hear a lot of excuses about why people haven't yet achieved the body they want (or job, or happiness, or anything). Everyone wants the ‘perfect body’. They want more muscle, they want to be ripped, they want to lose weight. What is the secret? How did the people who have these things achieve them? Is it some complex combination of supplements, exercise and brand new diet?

The answer is no.

The path to your goal physique is not complicated. It’s not easy, but it’s not complicated. There are a few essential ingredients. You need to lift progressively heavier weight. You need to eat real foods (no, that new supplement is not the missing link.) You need to have the mental fortitude to stick with the plan.

That’s it.

Yet, we waste our time trying to figure out the perfect method, program, diet, rep scheme, shoes, and socks that will be the answer to our problems. I’m guilty of it.. My goal is to put on quality weight. I’ve read anything and everything that could help. Despite seeing the answer in front me, I continued to wonder why I wasn’t able to gain the weight. I knew what the answer was. First of all, eat more. Second of all, lift heavier weights. Third of all, repeat.

I’ve made a commitment to getting my calories where they need to be to gain weight:  eating the right foods, and focusing on the major lifts using a tried and true method. Starting at 50% of your 5 rep max is a mental test in and of itself. You don’t want to squat 135 pounds for five sets of five in week 3. It looks and feels ridiculous (check your ego at the door, the only thing that matters is results.) Only halfway through the 12 weeks will the weight become challenging, but the results will speak for themselves. All your lifts have gone up and you’ve gained a few lbs.

The point is that we all know what we need to do in order to achieve our goals. The missing ingredient 99% of the time is the patience and discipline to stick to the plan. Trying a new program every month because last month’s program didn’t give you results in 4 weeks is not going to get the job done. Rome wasn’t built in a day. Take advice from really strong guys: serious size and strength requires years of hard work and dedication. That’s it. Stick to the basics and nothing can stop you. Doing the little things is what separates success from failure.

This mantra applies to all areas of life. If you can learn this lesson in one area, you begin to realize that it can be applied to anything. The one thing that really makes a difference is to surround yourself with people who are supportive and push you to your limit. Surround yourself with people who are BETTER THAN YOU and have the qualities you want. They make you uncomfortable because you can’t just go through the motions.. You will severely limit your potential when you surround yourself with weak minded and fickle people. The kind of attitude that is around you will greatly determine your outlook, behavior, and eventual success or failure. Find that master-mind group that pushes you. Learn constantly and take in everything. Keep an open mind. Flow like water around obstacles. It always adapts and finds a way through.

He who says he can and he who says he can’t are both always right.

-Chinese proverb


SHOUT OUT TO THE SPACKLE SANDING KING DHANBIR! Way to turn that terrible looking squat into a thing of beauty! Keep up the hard work!

Stay hungry.