That's what the last 12 days have been.

  • Mindset Performance Institute Summit in Connecticut
  • Exploring New York City
  • Training For Warriors Summit in North Carolina
  • Coach Aljay placing 1st in Norcal Championship Powerlifting Meet
  • Coach Noel and Coach Maksym placing 3rd in their weight classes at Norcal Championship Powerlifting meet

Through the craziness and fun, I learned and grew immensely. It feels like I've been gone for years and it definitely feels good to be back with the San Jose Barbell family.

To sum everything up, I will link it to the theme of the TFW Summit:

The Ripple Effect

There are no trivial moments. Everything you say or do sends ripples into the universe that you cannot even begin to predict. You never know who you could impact. You cannot know the consequences of your actions. So we must do everything to the best of our abilities and for something greater than ourselves.This is why we're upgrading our saying of LAST SET, BEST SET to


Everything matters. Not just the first, not just the last. We MUST send the right ripples. That means when we're in the Dojo, no rep or set will be a throwaway. That means when you're making decisions on what to eat in front of your kids, family, friends you will make the right decisions. That means when you're about to get pissed and yell and be frustrated, you will breathe and respond in a productive way. You will be compassionate. You will show empathy. You will serve others. You will respect yourself and your body.

Every rep, every set.




2 Year Hippoversary this Saturday! Get your tickets if you haven't!

During the day, we will have a charity workout for Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

It will be at San Jose Barbell at 11 am. It will be $10 minimum donation and all the money will go to Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. This is open to anyone and everyone! Come have fun and raise money for an important cause.


I have a big announcement coming up. We've really been focused on making an impact in the world and sending the right ripples. But there's a specific cause that has become very important to us. And we will be supporting it 100% and pushing to educate and help people defeat this issue. Look for more info soon.


Here are some pics from the last 12 days!