Squats on Squats on Squats

January 9, 2014

First of all, new Member Spotlight! Check out Maria and her bad self!


Just wanted to share a quick word on someone who inspires me. It is really important to have people who you can look up to. There are many lessons to learn from the successes (and failures) from people who have gone through life before us. Some of you may have guessed who it is because we have several pictures of him up in the gym. Yes...

cookies arnold

Now, say what you want about him, but what we want to take away is something of value. There is something to learn from everyone we meet. What I want to talk about is having the relentless drive to achieve what we want. Specifically in the face of making mistakes and failures.


Arnold inspires me so much because he set out to accomplish his goals and never stopped until they were reality. Growth occurs BECAUSE of failure. It is not something to be feared. Just like in the gym, your muscle grows because of the stimulus you place on it (and sometimes you reach failure). When you can make this switch in your mindset, all of a sudden, beautiful things begin happening. There are no mistakes, there are only lessons and learning.

Who are some of your guys' inspirations and why???


Workout for January 9, 2014

Back Squats


In between each set, you will do sets of pullups. You'll do reps between 3-10, stopping well before you fatigue. This means if you start slowing down and breaking form at 9, we'll want you to stop at 6 or 7. We want clean, solid reps only!

After completing strength, you will spend 10 minutes working on a skill you want to work on. The coaches will go around helping.


3 rounds:

Front squat (95#/65#) - 10 reps

200 m sprint


This should take all of 3 minutes if you go 137%. Super fun, super quick workout. Let's get it!!