Sunday Soccer

February 24th, 2014


We will be closed this weekend. We have coaches attending the Changing the Game Seminar. Many top leaders and experts in fitness, training, and nutrition will be speaking at the three day event. Staying on top of our game! This is why we know we're bringing you the best. We're out there with the best of the best learning and improving our skills and knowledge to give you the most effective programs and techniques. For those of you who use the showers, we're having some work done tomorrow morning so prepare accordingly. We will be good to go by tomorrow night.

So many activities today...

First goal of the day. Lots of fun playing soccer with the SJBB crew.

Yoked up walks with Aaron and Ken on strongman Sunday.

We just wanted to thank Daniel Spencer again for a great workshop. And great work by everyone who came out!

Thanks for a great workshop Daniel!


Front Sqwaaats

10-10-max reps

This will be 3 sets.


Partner AMRAP 10 minutes:

While partner 1 runs 200 meters, partner 2 will be doing kettlebell swings.

Your score will be the cumulative number of swings.