Protein is important. Having trouble getting enough?

Do you have a tough time fitting in the most important meal of your day (Breakfast)? Do you need a recipe for a high protein meal you can make in less than 2 minutes and eat on the go?

Then check this video out as part of our "THROWBACK TUESDAY" that was created during the FIRST WEEK of 2015 ...

Coach Aljay at San Jose Barbell presents to you the "HULK SHAKE!"

4 Cups of Kale
2 Cups of Milk
4 Large Eggs
1 serving of your favorite protein powder
Mixed nuts (i.e. almonds, peanuts, etc.)
Honey, fruit, etc. to sweeten it even more
Peanut butter for more fat and carbs if needed for your goals

Estimated Nutritional Value:
4 Cups of Kale - 120 Calories, 12g of protein, Vitamin A, C, K, B-vitamins for brain development, Omega 3 Fatty Acids

2 Cups of Milk - 320 Calories, 26g of carbs, 16g protein, 16g fat

4 Large Eggs - 300 calories, 24g protein, 2g carbs

Protein powder - 105 calories, 1g carb, 25g protein

845 calories
77grams protein
30grams carbs
16grams fat

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Back Work and Brain Work

January 31st, 2014

A few announcements:

On Sunday, we will be playing the Super Bowl on the projector, so bring some food and drink and come chill with the SJBB family. Come hit the 11 AM class so you can enjoy the food afterwards!

Remember to tell your friends and family that Saturdays at 11 AM is open to anyone! The best thing you can do for yourself is to get in the habit of taking care of yourself and moving your body. Whether that's lifting, yoga, Zumba, walking, MMA, whatever. MOVE! Movement and challenge keeps your body young, along with paying attention to what you put on your plate. To take it one step further, you have to challenge your brain as well. Read, write, learn a new skill. These are super important aspects of staying healthy and happy. Take up something that you think might be fun and let your brain grow! As in all things, don't stagnate. Always keep growing. The brain is probably the most important thing that you want to keep fresh and young. Challenge it!!! Don't let it become comfortable and start rotting away!

1. Think, think, think. Mental fitness in invaluable to your brain. It's simple: the more you use the brain, the better it works.

Read a book. Solve crosswords and Sudoku puzzles. Play cards or bingo. Join a book club or discussion group. Learn to speak Italian or play the guitar. Sign up for a cooking course (or start teaching cookery). Do whatever you want, and then in addition to training, you'll have fun.

Yesterday's crew killin' the wod!

swingsjan29 t2bjan29 jan29 oscarswings

Workout for January 31st, 2014

Bent Over Row


5 sets of 3-7 strict HSPU or normal Push-ups in between

Use this to work technique and strength.


Inverted burpee demo


10 min of the following

3 deadlifts

2 inverted burpees

1 farmer carry to Washington St. sign

For this workout we want to pick weights that allow us to keep smooth and clean form on the deadlifts. The farmer carry should be your heavy weight.