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Workout for January 29th and Wise Words from Seth


January 29th, 2014

Marissa doing work

I'm posting this video by Seth Godin because it goes along with our themes from the Transformation Contest. Also, if you read yesterday's post, you guys need to understand that failure, stalling and plateaus are part of the process. We will have setbacks and we need to take them as valuable pieces of information that will allow us to continue growing. Remember this picture?



Notes on the toes to bar and the ring rows:

Make sure that you are in full control of the movement. If the coach sees that you are flailing about without much control or strength, you will be asked to do a substitution. For toes to bar, you have the option to do straight leg raises or bent knee leg raises. For ring rows, you can take a step back to make it easier or you can do Australian pullups. If you're not sure, ask a coach!

January 29th, 2014

Push Jerk


Work on something you suck at for 10 minutes. Coaches will go around helping you.


You will be required to start with a 60 second wall squat hold

Each time you have to get up in the minute, you have a 200 m penalty (must be completed at the end)

KB swings – 50 reps Toes to Bar – 50 reps Supine Ring Pull Ups – 50 reps

Cash out with another 60 second wall squat hold. (no penalties here, just accumulate 1 minute)

Finish 200 m penalties from the start of the workout.

Lindsay having too much fun