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A Burger From McDonald's isn't healthy

Yeah, I said it. Eating a goddamn hamburger is not going to kill you. Nor will it turn into fat as soon as you eat it.

Now if you ate 10 hamburgers a day for a few months...that's another story. But that's unreasonable. And YOU are not unreasonable.

In the same manner, you wouldn't eat 10 pounds of chicken breast in a day either, right? Exactly.

Speaking of chicken breast, it's a great food that can help you get jacked (aka extremely strong, healthy, and lean). Grilled to perfection, versatile, and the weapon of choice for losing weight. It’s brought majestic gainz and legendary aesthetics to millions.

One is not more or less “healthy”.

Here are the facts: the typical hamburger packs a major calorie punch. For example, let’s take the OG Mcdonald’s hamburger.

In a itty bitty package, there's 250 calories and let’s be honest…you can’t just eat one. You'll usually have 2 or 3. That’s 500 to 750 calories. 

And that’s just a snack! You're not gonna fast for the rest of the day are you?

Now if we look at the chicken breast….ONE POUND of chicken contains ONLY 500 calories. And for most people, it’ll give you the majority of your protein for the day.

I don’t recommend eating an entire pound of chicken unless you’re a savage. Split it up into 3 meals of 5ish ounces. That’s about palm-sized.

And since that’s barely 500 calories, you have plenty calories left over for fun stuff. Like a hamburger ;)

Now for those who say chicken breast doesn’t taste good…you need to level up your cooking skills.

Tools you’ll need:

  • - a chef’s knife
  • - garlic salt
  • - pepper
  • - oregano
  • - iron skillet

Now we’re cookin.

Remember, there is no such thing as a good or bad food.

But it’s a good idea to eat “healthy” real foods for the majority of your calories. Real foods tend to have low calorie counts, fill you up, and have vitamins and minerals.

Don't let the fear mongers scare you. It's just a goddamn hamburger, not the devil.

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