The Best Fat Loss Articles Of The Week

The most helpful thing we do for is sift through all the absolute garbage peddled by money hungry snakes about fat loss. You have important things to do, you don't have time to figure all that out. Luckily for you, we got your back and stay up late every night to go through it all.

Thus, I bring you the best articles of the week that will help you make more progress in less time. 

The Best Articles and Videos This Week

1. The Real Reason Why Everyone's Fat by Dani Shugart

Not taking responsibility for your life is a sure way to end up like the masses - fat and unhealthy and mean. Yes, you don't have control of certain things...but you have to ignore those and focus on the multitude of things you DO have control over.

2. 7 Dumb Things People Say About Nutrition by TC Luoma

Breaking down stupid things like "I need to detox", "I don't eat things with chemicals" and other common crap.

3. Leangains by Martin Berkhan

This is the GODFATHER of intermittent fasting. He was one of my first major influences in my attempts to get JACKED. He had disappeared for a long time...but now he's back to help you get you lean and mean (and teach you how to eat cheesecake).

4. The Best Fat Loss Advice (video) by Jordan Syatt

My main man Jordan gives you some heat. He's arguably the best fitness professional on the planet because he teaches people how to get ridiculous results while eliminating stress and overwhelm. Oh and he loves Harry Potter, unicorns, and coffee. :)

5. The Top 40 Fitness Professionals by JMax Fitness

Almost all the names on here are approved by me. They missed one guy that should have been on there though ;)

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