the cheetah and his recovery

On the topic of recovery, I heard an interview of Brian MacKenzie (founder of Crossfit Endurance) recently. As you all know, recovery is very important to us at San Jose Barbell. On a side note, the only thing more important than recovering well is working out hard enough to need it. That's stolen from either Dr. Mike Israetel or Mr. Greg Nuckols. Both super smart dudes, and both would agree.

Anyways, Brian said some very interesting things to take into consideration when thinking about training and recovery.

First, he mentioned how humans are constantly fighting nature. Pain is the result of going against nature. If you move in a way that you are not meant to, there will be pain. If you haven't moved in a pattern other than sitting, standing, laying down, you'll be in for some pain when you try to do so. It is in your best interest to explore and learn movement.

Second, he brought up an interesting fact about cheetahs. They can reach speeds up to 65 mph when they hunt. But they are only hitting this speed every 3 days. They know you can't go all out every single day and sustain it. They're not fighting nature. They're working with it. Humans seem to think we can fight nature and win.

Recovery. It's important.  Train hard, then recover harder.

And F those hyenas...