The "I got no time" person's 1 secret weapon for mobility

Today's training topic is about the 5 Minute Flow, a simple tool to increase your mobility. 

Nothing in the past 8 years has made such an impact in such little time as the Max Shank's 5 Minute Flow. I’ve tried all kinds of mobility things and this trumps everything. I’ve been doing it consistently since February of this year and I have never felt this mobile, strong, or athletic in my life. 

But the beauty of it is that it requires nothing other than 5 minutes of your time in the morning. And you’ll be feeling and moving better. 

So what exactly is it?

Hydrating and moving for 5 minutes.

How can you do it?

1. Wake up.

2. Drink two big cups of water (don’t worry, you can do’s water. no one said to chug it)

3. Make circles with your joints, starting at the neck and working down to the ankles.

4. Be mobilized and energized for the day.

We’ve been talking about powerlifting and how it’s probably the best tool to burn fat like a crazy person.

The one thing that the vast majority of people overlook is the fact that lifting heavy weights can make you tight. They don’t spend enough time mobilizing and end up quitting too soon. In order to lift the most weights (and in turn build more muscle and burn the most amount of fat), you HAVE to be able to move. 

And the smallest change to your routine while delivering the most results is putting in these 5 minutes before you start the day.