The One Deadlift Checklist To Rule Them All (shots fired)

The average medical student receives 23.9 hours of nutrition instruction.

Having "PhD" in your name doesn't make you an expert at health. More often than not, it means you expertly address symptoms. And that doesn't mean the problems go away...but you can hide from them for a while.

If you are doing a particular job, you should strive to be really good at it. Really good.

The sad fact is that there are a lot of bad doctors. I don't want to pick on doctors but I see a lot of shitty advice.

Simple ankle sprain?

Clients (online and offline) tell me their doctors them to "rest" and take "pain killers".

(as one of my favorite clients Jen R observed...they don't kill the pain, they BLOCK the pain meaning the problem is still there...)

Hurt your pinky?

Please take this 800 mg ibuprofen and don't do any physical activity for 6 months.

As smart as doctors are - it takes a lot to become one - they fundamentally misunderstand the body and health. The body doesn't heal without movement. It doesn't become resilient and repair itself without STRENGTH.

"Health can never be divorced from strength."

Weak people can NEVER be healthy.

Most doctors:

  • not in shape
  • no assuring record of curing back pain (I've helped 100s of people end their back pain)
  • want to get you the fuck out of their office ASAP

When was the last time that the doctor actually FIXED any of your problems?

Anyways, all this to say that you MUST get strong. And if there was ONE tool that you need in your toolbelt, it should be the deadlift.


Here's my checklist of how to make your deadlift extremely safe and strong:

  • Standing, contract every muscle in your body for 5 seconds
  • Shake off the tension
  • Step to the bar
  • Put your shoulder blades into your back pockets
  • Make your arms as long as possible
  • Push hips back, reach for the bar
  • Fill your belly with as much air (push your stomach out)
  • Hold your breath
  • Stand up with the bar

Lots of awesome stuff happening here. The why's will have to wait for another day. In the meantime...go get your life lift on (the original name of the deadlift).

I recognize the importance of doctors. Thank god for them. And if I don't know something, I defer to them. For example...bacterial infections, chemotherapy, know, things like that.

I know there are good doctors. I'm always looking for them so I can refer out to competent professionals.