The plan works...if you work the plan

Gainz. PRs. Progress. = Happiness You came here to find out how to attain happiness right?

Oh, you're interested in how to continue to make progress in the weight room.

Well, you're getting some bonus info. One of the major factors in the happiness of humans is continued progress.

That means you are ALWAYS getting better and slowly climbing towards the destination of mastery. And yes, that is why pr's in the dojo make you super pumped and all tingly inside. PRs are the kitten's pajamas.


Ok. How do we continue to make PRs and make that progress. Two words: consistency and patience. Having a plan gives you both of those.

Bringing it in the world of the weight room, any good strength coach will tell you that the two biggest factors you need to take into consideration are volume and intensity.

And let's take a look at both of those in the context of the gym. Volume is the total amount of weight you are lifting. If I go to the gym and do 10 sets of 10 repetitions using a weight of 100 lbs, my volume is 10,000 lbs for that session.

volume = repetitions x sets x weight

Now you're ready to lift...

Intensity is the actual weight you are using. If you lift consistently, you will get stronger and be able to lift a heavier weight over time. Intensity is not some vague term used to describe how BEAST MODE you were today. It is the WEIGHT that was on the bar. If last week you used 100 lbs on the bar and this week you used 105 lbs, you're intensity has gone up.

intensity = weight on the bar

I only lift in my cape and loincloth

Don't even get me started on all this BEAST MODE crap. We'll save that for another day.

Anyways, having a plan allows you to track and slowly increase your intensity and volume over time. THAT's where PRs happen.

Meanwhile MOST people are running around from this program and that program trying to get GAINZ NOW.

"But Ranbir, you don't get it, I'm a BEAST. I watched all these Youtube videos and I only go hard or go home. I lift HEAVY only. Nahmean bro?"

This is why so many people get hurt and also why so many people sit and wonder why they can't get rid of that belly fat. Aren't I supposed to be shredded like pulled pork when I go beast mode?

Hey, get a  plan. Stick to it. Do ONE plan for an entire YEAR. Come into the gym 4 times a week. And don't miss days. Take care of your body by drinking water, getting enough protein, eliminating crap food, and taking care of your mental health (stress release).

For all you future black belts at the dojo, you saw what happens when you follow the plan we lay out for you. That PR bell was ringing nonstop. GAINZ. Progress.


Yes, I'm taking responsibility for your happiness. You're welcome, no need to thank me.