The Rock's "Go Ahead, Eat the Donuts" Health Blueprint

Can anyone honestly say they don't like donuts?

If they can, that person is no friend of mine.

Kidding. But's donuts, come on now!

We won't get into the Dunkin' Donuts vs. Stan's vs. Blue Line vs. Krispy Kreme (krispy kreme all the way) debate. At least not today.

Instead, I bring you a gift. It's wrapped in brown paper and tied with a red string. Like in the old Christmas movies.

I present you the "Go Ahead, Eat the Donuts" Health Blueprint straight from the Rock's desk.

I've been in on the secret for over 5 years now. I FINALLY have permission to release it to the public.

Everyone has seen The Rock eating mounds of pancakes, giant bowls of cereal, and entire pizzas. And of course...boxes of donuts. 

How can you eat all and NOT get fat?

I'll tell you this. Since I adopted the blueprint, I've gotten more ripped than I deserve to be. I also never stress about food (I used to think eating carbs would make me fat). 

Wanna know the best part? No guilt when I eat donuts - or anything for that matter. I usually have 2 Krispy Kreme Donuts (one maple, one chocolate) a couple times a week. And yes...there was the 6 month stretch where I got down to 5% bodyfat and I ate 2 donuts 3-4x per week.

I don't ever deprive myself.

If I want a goddamn donut, I'll have one.

So what's the secret?


1. Eat the right amount of calories. Your calories can come from any food (like donuts).

2. Get strong (and no, strength doesn't equal bulky)

That's it. 

That's why The Rock can eat whatever the hell he wants. That's why I can enjoy my donuts in peace without putting on an ounce of fat. It's not because I'm special. It's because I'm strong. And I don't overeat.

2 donuts for me please :) 

Getting strong is the tricky part. If someone doesn't coach you the correct form and technique, you'll hurt yourself.

Or the lifts won't feel good. 

And then you stop lifting. And you can't get strong if you're not lifting weights (or some resistance type exercise). 

Do yourself a favor and find a good coach. No strong person I know "does it on his own". In fact, they only become that strong because someone coached them.

Here's the simplest thing to start building strength:

15 minutes

1-5 pushups

10-20 air squats

5 seconds of full body tension (squeeze and flex everything like a character from Dragon Ball Z)

rest and repeat

Over time, you'll be able to get more total squats and pushups and I promise you you'll get gorilla strong. Gorillas can eat hella donuts.