Transform Yourself

January 11, 2014 Hi.

It's time to make a change. Let's grab on to the momentum of the new year and make positive changes to our physique and health. This is Tracy Reifkind before and after. Reading about her and her husband Steve (who's a huge inspiration to me as well) back in 2009 first got me into kettlebell training.

This is how you make a change.

You can find out more about her above. Learn how she lost and KEPT OFF 100 lbs. Scroll to the second entry with an interview. Again, it's important to have positive role models. People out there have gone through things we're experiencing now. They WANT to share this information with you. You just have to go out and look for it.

If weight has been something you struggle with, don't ask,

"Why can't I lose weight?"

Instead you should be asking,

"How CAN I lose weight? Who CAN help me?" The importance and impact of the silent questions in our brain can't be overlooked. When you ask yourself a question, your brain automatically starts looking for answers. Ask the right questions and have faith that your brain will begin searching for the answers. Noah St. John has a great book (The Secret Code of Success) in which he uses the analogy of Google. Ask Google a question. Are you worried something will come up? Of course not. You have faith that something will come up and you'll find what you're looking for. Your brain is far more complex and advanced than Google. Ask the RIGHT questions. It WILL find the answers. Have some faith in your little noggin.

Let's go get it this year.

Workout for January 11, 2014

I LOVE the floor press. Better on shoulders, back, and builds a strong lockout on the bench.

Read this to prep for the workout.

Don't forget to tell your friends. Saturday 11 am workouts will cost $0.00 and open to anyone. That's a huge discount. Come check us out.

Floor Press 5x5

Then 3 Rounds For Time:

25 Air Squats 25 Push Ups 25 Mountain Climbers 400M Run