Why My Overweight Friend Says Don't EVER Do Cardio - And He's Absolutely Right

When the average person hears a 250 pound guy talk about exercise and nutrition, they scoff.

They make a judgement or joke.

But what they wouldn't know is that my dear friend James is 100% right.

James is an intelligent man. He's started 3 businesses in the last 10 years and is 35 years old.

Despite his career success, he neglected his health. But he knew he would have to pay the cost of this neglect. Either he'd get in shape to enjoy his success now or spend all the money he's earned on medical expenses later.

His family members live with all kinds of health problems. Diabetes, back pain, cholesterol...you name it.

The smart cookie that he is, he realized that hours of cardio were impractical. Not only that, they were also dangerous.

Running is a lot of pounding on the joints. The abuse is NOT good for unless you are able to absorb all that stress.

(or recover from it but that's a topic for another day)

Shin splints, plantar fasciitis, knee injuries, back pain, hip pain, etc.

These are a result of violating the rules of priority.

Pain makes you stop because it hurts. That's why it's there.

Even if you slog through all that cardio, you'd lose muscle mass. Then you set yourself up for weight gain if you ever stopped. It's not sustainable.

But he knew that conditioning and cardio is the last piece of the puzzle. First, you gotta build stability, mobility, and strength.

Violate this order and you WILL get injured.

It's not if, it's when.

Get strong first, add cardio later.

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