Why Signing Up For My 6 Week Program Won't Do You Any Good

Sometimes we entertain crazy thoughts.

That we can get something for nothing.

"I'll do this program for the next 6 weeks and get shredded. THEN...I won't ever have to do anything again and I can resume my old habits. I'll still have the same results! Yes! I figured it out!"

(we do this with all areas of life...I'll be a millionaire and not have to do any work to get there)

Ok, maybe you don't consciously think that. But that's the thought process when people start a program or diet.

Short term.

Somewhere in our minds, we have the misguided hope that we can stop doing the things that got us to our goal. And the results will stick.

Yet even deeper down than that...you know this belief is false.

The fact of the matter is that you're body will always adapt to what you make it do.

Stop working out for 5 years. You'll look like you haven't worked out in 5 years.

String together 52 weeks of 2-4 workouts per week...you'll look like you've been working out forever. (which by the way is less than 2% of the entire year - think about that)

It goes both ways. You can't stop doing the work. If you want the results, keep doing the things that cause the results.

Want excess bodyfat, health problems, and a weak noodle body? Then keep doing the things that cause those results.

And believe it or not...I used to think the same thing.

"Why can't I keep the results once I get them? Why do I get weaker when I stop lifting? WHY!!"

That's human nature always trying to take the easy way out.

Which is why joining my 6 week program or my Physical Culture Club won't do anything for you unless you commit. Not to me or the program, but to the new way of life. A life that prioritizes exercise and vegetables over beer and football (or whatever you spend your time on).

Believe me...we get some ridiculous results (31 pounds average weight loss in 6 weeks anyone?).

But the purpose is to change your identity and priorities.

Fuck the game. Fuck Netflix.

How about you focus on yourself. You deserve your own attention. Way more than the Philadelphia Eagles or whoever else is in the Superbowl.

Yeah I said it. I'm on your side, not some group of guys who don't give a fuck about you or your health.